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Q&A: Rick Trickett

March 30, 2011

How did the team look in practice today?

Rick Trickett:  I thought the intensity level was pretty decent. I was with my segment but one on ones they were getting after those boards pretty good. Way better than it was the first day of spring practice. We have so many young kids and new kids and their eyes are great big around. I thought the intensity level and effort was really good.

With all of the young tackles who are getting work this spring how are they doing?

Rick Trickett:  The ones with the big eyes are the ones who should be at their high school prom next week. They are doing better. We are throwing the whole offense in and different fronts and blitzes. Their heads are spinning a little bit and they know what they are doing in the meeting rooms but when the bullets start flying its different. They will be better men for it. It’s kind of baptism under fire. I think they are going to have a deeper appreciation for what we are doing. The thing that I am encouraged about is that Zebrie (Sanders) and (Andrew) Datko are doing a great job of coaching them and that helps me out a lot. Hopefully it is going to make those two guys better players when they step in. When you start coaching it you have to learn it and I think that will really make those two guys better football players next year.

How much do you like getting these early enrollees for the extra fifteen practices?

Rick Trickett:  I like it I just wish that if I had (Andrew) Datko and Zebrie (Sanders) out there then they could be third team tackles and I could wean them in. When you have to go in there and be the second team guy and start going against guys who have been here for three years it’s a little different for them. We’ll work through it.

What have been your impressions of Jacob Fahrenkrug?

Rick Trickett:  Great run blocker right now. He has some work to do on pass protection. He is overly aggressive. I haven’t had one in a long time who could do the boards like he can. He is like a road grater, he just walks them out of there. He has the chance to be special.

How is the center position taking shape?

Rick Trickett:  If I had to play tomorrow I would probably go with (David) Spurlock. With his concussion we had to take him to 25% and he is up to 50% of contact this week. I have to pick and choose when I put him in there. Either Sprulock or Stork will be the guy. This (Sterling) Lovelady kid has a chance. He is really a good pass blocker but he is just a little light right now. I am really encouraged by him down the road.

What did you see in David Spurlock that made you believe he could do well at center?

Rick Trickett:  I thought he was a kid who obviously played for three years and can make the calls and understands what is going on up there a little bit more than (Bryan) Stork. (Bryan) Stork just started toward the end of last season.

Have you been able to sneak a peek at Clint Trickett?

Rick Trickett:  No, no. Clint who? Yeah when he throws one five miles over my head and I know that it isn’t anywhere in the ballpark I holler a little bit about the quarterback. I try to act like he is not out here.

Have you ever coached one of your sons?

Rick Trickett:  No. They are still coming by the house and still talking to me, so no I haven’t coached one of them.

What are you seeing on the other side of the ball?

Rick Trickett:  I think the defensive line has a couple of guys who are banged up and are out of there too. I think we really have a chance to be decent on both sides of the line of scrimmage. The linebackers are veterans so they are flying around and being where they are supposed to be. I’ll be honest with you I am so busy trying to coach those centers that I haven’t had time to watch the rest of the team.

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