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Q&A With FSU Women’s Basketball

Oct. 22, 2003

With practice for the upcoming season just underway, Sports Information’s Pam Cruz caught up with the FSU women’s basketball players and asked them questions about their summers, the preseason and the upcoming 2003-04 campaign:

What did you differently this summer to prepare for the 2003-04 season:

Senior Tasheika Allen:

Actually I did the same thing as far as the physical things like lifting, working out, shooting, and dribbling. I mainly just took care of my personal life. I got married and I did that so I can be focused more and I don’t have to worry about a lot of things that I used to have to worry about that will interfere with my play.

Junior Linnea Liljestrand:
Well in the summer, I usually play with my national team so I got to stay in shape the whole summer. I do preseason already back home in Sweden and then I do it again when I come back here so it’s like I’m doing two preseasons and I played a lot more this summer to prepare me for this season.

Sophomore Ganiyat Adeduntan:
I tried to work on my left hand and driving to the goal more and playing defense consistently.

What goals do you have for yourself personally and for the team for the 2003-04 season:

Junior LaQuinta Neely:

This summer, I worked on my shooting because I was mostly a driving threat and not really a shooting threat, so personally I wanted to add some outside range to my game. Team-wise, our goal is to take every game one at a time and win every single game and then on a wider scale, we want to win the ACC and then make it to the NCAA Tournament and at least advance to the “Sweet 16.”

How important is it for you to be a leader on this team?

Senior Angela Sutton:

I think for me as a leader, I bring a lot more experience from other areas of my life that maybe some other people on the team haven’t experienced and I’m able to apply it on the court and kind of help the other players. I guess I learned how to adjust to life on the court and off the court and things like that. Probably the thing I most contribute is every time I come to practice, I try to challenge the players and make them better. I think my main job on the court is to work hard, push them (teammates) on defense, give them words of wisdom and challenge and encourage them.

How does going up against and challenging for positions with your teammates make you better?

Sophomore Holly Johnson:

Going against my teammates in preseason and practice betters me because all of them were brought in for a certain reason. They all have abilities and skills in which some people don’t have. I don’t have some of the athletic abilities as other people have, so going up against them makes me a better player.

What was the hardest thing about the preseason?

Freshman Alicia Gladden:

The hardest thing in preseason was making the transition from high school basketball to collage basketball because it’s a little bit different with the defense and just pushing yourself trying to make yourself better.

As a veteran in the middle, how are you helping the younger posts?

Senior Trinetta Moore:

“I’m helping the post players mostly on defense and by that, I’m showing them how to “X Out” and just showing them the proper way to get around a stronger post player down low and how to post up better and also helping out on screens.

As a newcomer, what team and what player are you most looking forward to playing against?

Freshman Shante Williams:

The team I look forward to going up against is the defending national champion UConn Huskies because of head coach Geno Auriemma and Diana Taurasi.

How have the veteran post players helped you out so far?

Freshman Ronalda Pierce:

So far, it has helped me a lot. I can definitely tell my game has improved a lot since high school. In high school, we really didn’t have any post players. It was just me. So now that I have veterans in front of me, it’s going to help my game a lot.

How will sitting out this season affect you as a player?

Senior Roneeka Hodges:

I think sitting out a year will help me learn the system and learn everything that is going on with the team. It will also help me to develop in areas that I’m weak in.

How excited are you to be healthy for your senior season?

Senior Lauren Bradley:

It feels great to be able to play for my senior season. I stayed up here the whole summer and worked out and took care of myself. I think being a senior, you carry yourself a little differently. You have a little bit more pride your senior year. I’m excited and I’m ready for a great year.

What are your personal goals for this season?

Sophomore Hannah Linquist:

I want to use my size, be a good defensive stopper in the post, grab every rebound and be a great rebounder this year.

You have been an explosive player at times during your career. What will you have to do this year to be a more consistent performer?

Junior Genesis Choice:
Well I just have to go into the game knowing in my mind that I can’t be stopped. I don’t mean to sound cocky, but if I go in and play with that mentality, basically I can be that explosive player every game.

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