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Q&A With Seminole Senior Melissa Samokishyn

Sept. 18, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla. – Throughout the season, will take a closer look in getting to know the 2007 women’s soccer senior class. Various features on this year’s four seniors, which include Libby Gianeskis, Melissa Samokishyn, Holly Peltzer and Kirsten van de Ven, will be displayed on the official athletics website in what we call ‘Senior Takes…’. This week sat down with Melissa Samokishyn for an exclusive one-on-one Question and Answer session.

by Tara Peterson

Melissa Samokishyn
5-3, Senior, Defender
Littleton, Colorado

Q: What was the first thought that entered your mind after you made the final penalty kick that sent FSU to the College Cup in 2005?
A: The first thought that went through my mind was just how happy I was for the team to get to the Final Four again. To beat UNC at their place was a really great feeling. Also, just the fact that my year had been such a rollercoaster and things were finally looking up.

Q: What are three reasons why you would vote for having Mark Krikorian as your head coach over any other coach and why?
A: My number one reason would have to be honesty. He tells you exactly how it is; he doesn’t put any sugar on top to make it a little bit sweeter. I really respect that.

My second reason would have to be that he doesn’t play games with favorites on the team. If you’re good and you play well and you’re better than other players, you’re going to be on the field no matter what. No matter who it is, if they’re the one that is playing the best, performing and doing what they need to get done, then they’re going to play.

My third reason would be how he is always trying to get you to perform at your top level. Some might see this as a downfall but I see it as really good because it makes you strive to be better and to achieve as much as you can. You can never get too comfortable.

Q: What are some of the techniques that help you succeed on the field that you have carried with you off the field?
A: I would think that the number one thing that would make me succeed on the field as well as off the field is truly knowing my potential no matter what other people may say. I know what I can do and I know that I can be great at anything that I choose, no matter what people say. Self confidence, self assurance and knowing who I am have all helped me succeed on and off the field.

Q: How long have you been playing soccer and what is it about the sport that has made you want to continue playing for this long?
A: I have been playing soccer since I was four years old, so it has been a long time. One reason why I have continued playing the sport would probably be my teammates, whom I love! I love feeling like I am part of a family no matter what. Being from the west, and so far away from Colorado and my family, I feel like the team is just another family; they help me get through things. I think the relationships that you create are life long. No matter how long you play the sport, you are going to have those relationships forever. The challenges that come with playing the game, setting new goals and reaching those goals are what have kept me playing for so long.

Q: Throughout your college soccer career here at FSU, what was the one moment in a game that changed the way you view and play the game now?
A: One moment in the game that changed my perspective, which is kind of an obvious moment, would be when I broke my leg in the College Cup. I always thought that I was one of those players that was invincible. I thought that I would never get injured and in a way, I think that I was taking the game for granted. You never know when you will be playing your last game. Breaking my leg has helped me realize that; it was a major eye opener.

Q: Is there something that you do before a game to prepare yourself mentally? If so, what is this and why do you do this?
A: I kind of play out scenarios in my head, I imagine receiving a ball in the line. What would my first touch look like? How would I beat a player, and then seeing my cross? Visualization is a huge thing for me. Then of course, everyone has their music that they listen to that helps them get pumped up. I think the biggest thing for me is the visualization, playing the plays over in my head while never messing up and seeing myself succeed.

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