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Q&A With Women’s Basketball’s Shante Williams

Nov. 20, 2004

What can you gain from sitting out this season?
“Right now, I am hoping to gain the respect of my teammates and to gain more knowledge of the game of basketball. I sit in the office and watch film just to help better my teammates for this season as well as better myself. I can see what the coaches have been telling me about like not coming off of a pick right or things like that. I see it now. When I get back out there, I can go out and do right what they want me to do. By watching film, I will not only help myself, but my coaches and my teammates so they can ask me a question about what I’m seeing and by me looking and paying attention, I can answer their question truthfully. I’m even starting to talk like them (the coaches) a little bit.”

What do you like best about playing basketball?
“Everything. My overall love for the game is just there. The fans, the coaches, I am playing for a cause. I am not just playing for Shante. I am playing for my family, my friends, my fans. It’s great and it’s exciting.”

What do you like best about playing basketball at Florida State?
“I am playing for coaches who care about you and for fans who want to see you succeed. Even though we have been through so much in the offseasons, we’ve grown together as a team. We’ve learned to love each other as sisters not just as teammates.”

What is the personality of this year’s team?
“The personality of this team is kind of hard to define, but if I had to pick one word, it would be togetherness. Last year’s team, we talked in groups. This year, I can talk to anybody on the team and feel comfortable about it. I can get responses from them. I can get help from them regardless of the situation and I know they will always have my back.”

Although you will not be on the floor, what is your role on the team this year?
“My role on the team this year is to cheer on my teammates and let them know that even though I am not on the court with them, I am still there to support them.”

Are you thinking ahead to next season at all?
“Kind of because I will get to play then, but right now, I am concentrating on getting to the NCAA Tournament and whatever I can do to make sure this team gets there, I’ll do it and that’s my main focus right now.”

So far, what’s different about this year’s team on the court than last year’s team?
“We’re just more together, even on the court. Everybody is getting playing time so everybody is happy. We’re pushing each other to get better everyday and our coaches expect so much more out of us and we’ve responded well.”

Last year, you were named to the ACC All-Freshmen team and honorable mention All-ACC. How did that make you feel?
“With the kind of season I had, I was kind of upset that I was only honorable mention All-ACC. Statistically, I was as good as any freshman in the conference. I was happy to be recognized but I was hoping to do better. Of course, it will motivate me for next year. I see this year as an obstacle, basketball-wise, that I need to overcome but when next year comes, I will be driven because I am not just playing for myself.”

What motivates you in your life?
“My family motivates me. We didn’t grow up in the best environment and I want to get them away from that. The love my family provides me is unconditional. There’s nothing you can do to replace it. I feel love here at Florida State, but there’s nothing like being loved by your own family.”

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