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Quick Reaction: Leonard Hamilton Contract Extension

July 3, 2013

Brandon Mellor Brandon Mellor
Seminoles.com Managing Editor
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Wednesday's announcement that Florida State men's basketball coach Leonard Hamilton has a few different meanings.

Not only does it reward Hamilton for turning the Seminoles into consistent conference contenders in the country's best college basketball league, it also ensures that Hamilton's ability to bring elite basketball talent to Tallahassee will continue. With a deal that now guarantees him the Seminoles' head coaching gig for at least the next five seasons, Hamilton can hit the recruiting trail with the ability to tell student-athletes that they will be playing for him their entire collegiate careers.

With a graduation rate of more than 90 percent for his career, a four-year contract extension only adds to the academic and athletic allure of playing hoops for the 'Noles.

Hamilton's contract extension also means that the head coach of FSU's two most high profile sports -- men's basketball and football -- are both "locked up" with multi-year deals.

Hamilton's extension Wednesday came at a time when he had just one year left on his previous deal. Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher was given a one-year extension in 2011 and still has four seasons remaining under his contract that lasts through the 2016 campaign. Both Fisher and Hamilton are now under contract through the their respective 2016-17 seasons.

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