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Ralph Mims: Waiting To Make His Point

Feb. 21, 2006

Ralph Mims: Waiting To Make His Point

While most bench players have to wait their turn, Ralph Mims is already rewriting Seminole basketball history. On December 20th, Mims broke a 52 – year-old record by hitting 33 consecutive free throws over the course of two seasons.

When questioned about his success, Mims made his stance on this issue rather clear.

“I knew about the record, and as it got close, sometimes I would sit in the hotel and think, I only have one free throw to make, to break the record,” Mims admitted. “I was glad to have some input in this team, input that could help in the long run of the season. There was pressure at the line, but not really around the school.”

While having already been mentioned in the same record book as Charlie Ward, Bob Sura and Sam Cassell is clearly an honor, Mims looks forward to one day seeing his team’s success featured in the history books.

Do not mistake this rising star for someone who prefers to come off the bench.

Mims joined Florida State as a three-time All-State First-Team selection from Brunswick, Maine. He admits it was a tough transition to the bench.

“The hardest transition was playing time, just getting used to being out there being on the floor,” the 6-2 Mims said. “I played so many minutes in high school, then coming to college is a huge adjustment with
playing time, but you have to be positive on the bench.”

Mims understands his role on the bench, and he takes it to heart, supporting the group he calls his family in any way possible.

“You got to do the little things, and when my time comes, I try to make the best of it, and do the best that I can.”

When asked what he feels his largest contribution to the Seminole basketball team is, Mims responded with the following comments: “Positivity, if that’s a word. I try my best to have a positive attitude, even when things are going wrong or right. My personality; I love being around my teammates, I want to have that kind of vibe, that relationship with my teammates, and I try my best to not bring basketball outside of what we do inside.”

It goes without saying that he does look forward to one day being the “court general” of the Seminoles, as he enjoys playing point guard the most.

“I’m used to being a vocal guy, a guy who tries my best to do what’s right as well as get my teammates to guard and just being a positive person that I’ve been raised to be,” the sophomore said. “When my time comes, I’m looking forward to being the commander in chief; getting my soldiers ready each and every night.”

As he prepares himself for the difficult leadership tasks ahead, he brings with him lofty expectations for himself and his teammates.

“I would like to see Florida State win the ACC Championship and go to the NCAA Tournament,” Mims said. “I want to see us accomplish things that haven’t been accomplished in a long time, and bring Something to Tallahassee that basketball never had. I want to be able to look back at my teammates who I call my brothers, and realize that we had a good vibe and a good relationship, and we understood each other.”

Mims understands that in order for the Seminoles to live up to these expectations, he first needs to improve on his own to reach that next level.

“If I become a little more confident in what I’m doing, more relaxed and just focus on making the easy plays and getting my guys involved, taking good shots and making good decisions, as well as good ball-handling skills, that will help me get to the next level,” Mims said.

As Mims looks forward to his destiny on the court, we all look forward to the continued success of the FSU basketball team.

By Ryan Liss
FSU Sports Information
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