January 11, 2011 - by
Ready For The Season

Jan. 11, 2011

Hey Seminole fans! It’s Briar and Kelly back with more exciting
information on your Seminole softball team. We are all back from break
and the week is looking crazy. Between the new classes, tutoring, and
softball, we will be hitting the ground running.

We started school on Tuesday, Jan. 4. It is great to be back and we are all very excited to get started! Today we have to run 100s… maybe not everyone’s
favorite, but it sure shows how much we have accomplished over the
break. It is a great test to show how hard everyone worked and how much
pride we have in our team and our school. This week we will also be
starting individuals. This is when we get in small groups or individual
times so we can get some good one-on-one time with the coaches.

As we said before, we are excited to be back and can’t wait for the season to
be here! Over and out fans.

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