September 19, 2000 - by
Rookie Of The Week

In an effort to reward the hard work and dedication of his players, coach
Patrick Baker will be awarding player-of-the-week and rookie-of-the-week
honors to deserving Florida State soccer players.

“I think it is great when players can get recognized for their efforts
because a lot of people don’t see how hard they train and the time they put
in at the weight room,” said Baker. “People don’t see the players banged-up
and hobbling around.”

The Seminoles have had a difficult time garnering individual honors in the
nation’s best soccer conference. The ACC placed five teams in the NCAA
Tournament last season.

“It has always been difficult for our players to get recognition in a
conference with defending national champion North Carolina,” said Baker.
“They get a majority of the individual awards. We want to promote our
individual players when it is warranted.”

  • Kristin Boyce – Oct. 26
  • Kristin Boyce – Oct. 11
  • Emma Breland– Oct. 4
  • Emma Breland – Sept. 26
  • Summer Corum – Sept. 19
  • Kristin Boyce – Sept. 12
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