May 30, 2002 - by
Ryan Barthelemy Chat Wrap

May 30, 2002

On Thursday, Florida State senior
3B Ryan Barthelemy made a special visit to talk about the upcoming NCAA
Baseball Tournament, the FSU program, currently No. 1 in the country, and much

Chat Wrap
Ryan Barthelemy: (3:07 PM ET ) I am here and
ready to go!!!

Bart, I’ve been to almost every home game at Howser
this season, and I’m so proud of you guys! Good luck this weekend!
Here’s my question: what do you think made the team “click” back in
April, enabling the Noles to play so consistently?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:07 PM ET ) We had a team
meeting at Wake Forest that everyone got things off their chest.
Everyone said what was bothering them and it really turned us around.

Chris Cole
Who do you think will have more home runs in the regional
this weekend, me or you?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:08 PM ET ) I’m going to say
I will have more home runs than you!

Do you think this team has a chance to win it all
and if so, why?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:09 PM ET ) This team has a
great chance because everyone knows their role and we are playing better
than any of the teams that I have been on my four years here.

Lippy: What is
the one thing that worries you the most about your team heading into the

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:10 PM ET ) There isn’t any
team that doesnt’ have things they need to work on but we are playing so
well and everyone is pitching in. As long as we try to get better at
everything, we will be fine. We just have to improve everyday.

Do you feel more comfortable in the 3 hole where you
have protection from Rogers or McCaleb, or in the cleanup spot. It seems
you had more production hitting 4. Also, please comment on the effect
Rogers will have when he returns this weekend.

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:11 PM ET ) I don’t feel any
more comfortable in hitting third. It doesn’t really matter to me. I’m a
better hitter when I have guys on base. I seem to see more guys on base
when I bat third than cleanup. At the 4 position I leadoff a lot of
innings and I’m not a great leadoff hitter.

Miami: What’s up
big guy! It’s Robby, your little bro, I just wanted to say whats up!

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:12 PM ET ) Hi Robby.

Ben: Who was the
player that most inspired you as a kid?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:12 PM ET ) Believe it or
not it was Nolan Ryan. I know everything there is to know about him. I
would have been a pitcher but I wasn’t blessed with the arm!

Sue B (Miami): I
know you are where you are because of good nutrition. Where’d you get
that great meatloaf recipe?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:13 PM ET ) Hi mom! I got it
from you. Nutrition plays a big part in hitting home runs!

Brooks (Coral
What does the ‘Nole rotation look like for this weekend?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:14 PM ET ) I believe Lynch
is going tomorrow and our normal rotation will be in order. I think. I’m
not positive.

Despite Florida State not scheduling in-state teams
like Stetson or UCF, do you feel more comfortable playing teams and
players from in the state rather than unknown teams and plays from
around the nation?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:15 PM ET ) There is a
certain sense of comfort knowing we are playing teams that play year
round. There is some comfort there playing Florida schools.

Mo (Miami): It is
obvious that you guys have an excellent squad this year…how do you
keep yourselves motivated to continue winning? Does winning get to be an
ordinary thing for you all?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:15 PM ET ) The point of
every game is to win. No one gets tired of winning. The fact we are
winning is like fuel on the fire. Our goal is to win the whole thing.

Britton Gray (Buford,
Who do you think is the most improved player over the course of
the season?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:16 PM ET ) I would say Tony
McQuade. He wasn’t expected to do a lot of things this year but he has
helped us so much on offense and defense.

whats up Bart? i am a huge Florida State fan and i am a huge
fan of yours. The winner of the Tallahassee Regional will go own to
face the winner of the South Bend Regional, which will prolly be Florida
State and South Alabama. I hate to look ahead, but if that were to
happen, how would u feel about that 2 out of 3 series knowin that South
Alabama has already defeated the ‘Noles once this year 6-5 in

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:17 PM ET ) The stakes are a
little higher now so what happened in the past is in the back of our
minds. If we get the chance again, we won’t be taking them lightly, not
that we did before. We know a little bit about them so that would be

Seth McCormick (Port
St. Joe):
Ryan, what kind of difference do you notice batting behind
Stephen Drew rather than John-Ford Griffin?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:18 PM ET ) That’s a tough
one. I notice that Stephen is a younger hitter and takes swings
sometimes he shouldn’t .. but I always have someone on base! Stephen
gets on most of the time so that’s a plus. Griffin used to clean the

Mary Kate: What
is the key for your team to get to the College World Series?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:19 PM ET ) Obviousley we
can’t look too far ahead. If we keep playing the way we have, there is
nothing we can do but keep winning. There is no secret, it’s just a
matter of who is playing well when it counts. We just have to maintain

Ben: If you had
it your way, would you schedule ,ore in state teams

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:21 PM ET ) It really
doesn’t matter much. I’d like to play as many good teams as possible.
The more tough teams you play, the better you get. I would love to play
more Florida schools.

red: why are
florida teams so good? What do you think of any of the big 12 schools?

Ryan Barthelemy: (3:25 PM ET ) I don’t know
what it is .. that’s a question that should be asked to an outsider. I
grew up here and I’ve seen it for so long. The weather is the main
thing. We are used to the heat, can practice year round. Those are huge

I don’t even know one team from the Big 12!!!

Thanks for all the questions! Wish us luck all the way to Omaha!!
Take care.
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