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SAAC Retreat

Sept. 21, 2006

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee kicked off the 2006-2007 school year with it’s first of two retreats. The first was held at the Seminole Reservation on September 17th. The retreat began mid-afternoon, setting the tone for this years’ committee representing the diversity of student-athletes at Florida State University.

SAAC members began with some ice-breakers to get the flow of the day started. One in particular, the “Group Resume”‘ provided the student athletes the opportunity to discover similarities among members. They grouped off and were instructed to produce one resume as a whole. Education, experience, talents, accomplishments, and awards were some of the sections. Each participant added personal information to make their group’s resume stronger. SAAC members followed the ice-breakers with a group discussion on goals and issues on which they would like to work. Ideas were shared and delegation begun in order to provide the FSU student-athlete population the best opportunities through the course of the year.

Committee members then filed outside to put their communication skills to the test. Paired up with one person blind-folded, the other had to be the guide, leading their teammate through a few obstacles. Success was had by all and they continued on to their next activity, “Athletic Director for a Day.” This provided SAAC members some room for creativity in developing ideas they would incorporate into the athletics department if they were in charge for a day. In addition, each group came up with five goals they had for the year for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

The day came to an end as the student athletes showed off their skills in the kitchen and out on the grill, cooking hot-dogs, hamburgers, and chicken for the group. Dessert and chips were eaten first but everyone agreed that a few of their peers might be the next Emeril. The next SAAC retreat is scheduled to be held Sunday, October 1st at the Seminole Golf Course.

Photo Gallery – SAAC Retreat – September 2006

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