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Saturday’s FSU Football Practice Report

Dec. 16, 2006

• The Florida State football team held its first practice since the end of final exams in preparation for its Dec. 27 Emerald Bowl showdown with UCLA.

• The Seminoles practice for the first time since December with 18 periods in full pads.

• Seniors Buster Davis, Lorenzo Booker, Darrell Burston and Mikhal Kornegay missed practice so they could participate in FSU’s graduation ceremony.

• During pass skeleton, quarterback Xavier Lee hit TE Brandon Warren with a 35-yard strike and fellow signal caller Drew Weatherford connected with WR Chris Davis on a 20-yard pass.

• Cornerback Michael Ray Garvin had a pass break-up during skeleton.

• Defensive tackle Andre Fluellen and defensive end Neefy Moffett each had tackles for a loss during 11-on-11.

• In Booker’s absence, freshman tailback Marcus Sims ran with the first-team offense and had a 35-yard run during 11-on-11.

• Sims scored the lone touchdown during goal line drills as the first-team offense was 1-for-2 while the second-team went 0-2.

• The Seminoles return to the practice field for two practices on Monday. The first session is schedule for 10 a.m. while the afternoon session begins at 3:45 p.m.

Head Coach Bowden Quotes:

On the practice:
“We came out in full pads today and got some hitting in and a little 11 on 11. We threw pretty doggone good today, so I’m pleased with that. We will not practice tomorrow; we will practice two times on Monday.”

On the practice schedule this time not having the game in January:
“We might lose a day of practice, but we can double-up and make up for it. We’re going to double-up Monday and Tuesday. But we get about the same amount of time on the field that we normally get.”

On if there is a potential benefit of going straight through and not having the break in between:
“I think this will be good. I can’t think of the last time we didn’t go to a January bowl.”

On the reception on the road during recruiting:
“It’s been good, it’s always that way. Everybody responds differently. We’ve had years like this before and still recruited well. Going back to 1985 or ’86, it was our best year recruiting.”

Quarterback Drew Weatherford
On the East Coast-West Coast match-up:
“It’s really exciting. [UCLA] has had a great history in football and a lot of success as well as we have. It’s nice for us to get the chance to go out there, not many guys on our team have even been to San Francisco. So to go out and play a marquee opponent like that is really exciting to say the least.”

On the difference in this year’s bowl game to last year’s:
“It’s a little quieter; it’s not quite as big of a bowl either. But we’re still excited to have the opportunity to play on the west coast and represent Florida and our families at home.”

What the team is looking for in practice to prepare for UCLA:
“We’re obviously looking forward to the game since we never get the chance to play teams in the Pac-10. We watch them on TV and we know some of the same people from the All American and Florida-California game so it’ll be nice to be matched-up with those guys again.”

On UCLA’s defense:
“They’re very tough; they’ve looked good all year. They play really well once they start to simplify their defensive game plan they really are able to start playing more aggressive. It’s going to be a challenge for us and we’re looking forward to it.”

Rover Myron Rolle
On what FSU has seen on UCLA’s film:
“We’ve seen that they’re a very well coached team, very disciplined. They have some good receivers and play makers. The quarterback has the running ball a little bit that we saw against USC. We’ve just got to be aggressive and stay disciplined to our assignments and we’ll be ok.”

Whether UCLA’s offense is like any team FSU has played this season:
“I’d say [Boston College] is pretty similar to [UCLA]. They have a lot of big linemen and they like to maul you up front. But they also have some little speed guys outside who can stretch the field a little bit. So I’d say they’re pretty similar to BC, their quarterback is almost a BC quarterback as well.”

On UCLA’s defense:
“They did a phenomenal job against USC and played a great game. I got a chance to watch the game a little bit and they have a great front four and a great rush on the quarterback. They were able to handle USC pretty well. I think if our offense executes and does what it’s supposed to do then we shouldn’t have any problems.”

On the long time between the last game and the bowl game:
“For me personally it’s my first bowl game and I’m pretty excited. I’ve never been to San Francisco, so it’s all exciting for me. Guys like Lorenzo [Booker] and Buster [Davis] have been to a lot of bowl games so it may be commonplace for them. But for me, I’m so [pumped-up] and ready to go that it’s really exciting.”

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