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January, 1999

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Cincinnati/LSU Probes
The University of Cincinnati will be on probation for the next two years
and lose some of the overall financial awards available for violations in
its’ men’s basketball program. They were found to have violated NCAA
bylaws regarding recruiting, extra benefits, ethical conduct and
institutional control.

The total number of awards in men’s basketball have been reduced by a total
of three for the two academic years 1999-2000 and 2000-2001. At least one
scholarship must be lost in each of the years. The Division I Committee on
Infractions also reduced the number of offical visits permissible, the
number of coaches who can recruit, and limited the use of summer courses at
either the university or its’ branch campuses to help establish eligibility
for prospective student-athletes.

The violations centered primarily around the efforts of the men’s
basketball coaching staff, which provided impermissible assistance to a
prospective JUCO transfer student-athlete. Staff members enrolled the
prospect in summer courses while he was still attending the junior college.
The basketball team manager attended class and took notes for the first
week for the prospect, and a secretary in the basketball office provided
the prospect with textbooks at no charge. Still further, an assistant
coach enrolled the prospect in a summer course on the next to last day of
the 10-week session, where he received an Incomplete, which he then made up
in the fall with “one-on-one” sessions.

Other student-athletes received “extra benefits” such as; summer housing,
meals arranged, impermissible use of academic support services and payment
for work not performed. They also received; tickets to a pro football
game, an airline ticket, long-distance phone use, and cosigned loans.
Cincinnati athletic department staff members compounded problems by
providing misleading information to the NCAA investigators.
The former team manager and the assistant coach have “show-cause”
requirements, should they try to seek employment in another athletic

Louisiana State University’s men’s basketball program is prohibited from
participating in the 1999 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship due
to violations of bylaws (recruiting and extra benefits). Additionally,
the Infractions Committee placed the school on three years probation and
reduced the overall number of financial aid awards available for the men’s
basketball team.

These penalties arose from a situation where a former student-athlete and
his family received financial recruiting inducements, while he was a
prospect, and the prospect’s brother received free medical attention while
still in high school.
Though the former student-athlete implicated an assistant coach and a
booster, the assistant coach was cleared of any wrongdoing by the NCAA.

Violence Among College Athletes

Kenyan Weaks, the Florida’s top returning basketball scorer, will
sit out the first seven games of the season after being charged with
misdemeanor battery by a female acquaintance.

Two football players at Butte College in California have been arrested
on charges of beating a 47-year-old transient to death.

The defendants, Trevor Bird and Dereck Phillips, both 19, have been
charged with first-degree murder by torture and face a possible penalty of
25 years to life.

Three North Carolina State football players have been kicked off the
team and lost their scholarships, following the fatal shooting of another
student. Additionally, two wrestlers and three gymnasts aren’t being
allowed to participate in team activities. The sum total of athletes
charged in the shooting are nine of the ten charged overall. Neil Davis
Jr., 21, was shot with his own gun during a struggle, after he fired shots
at a house where the athletes were partying and drinking. The three
players face misdemeanor charges of breaking and entering and assault.

Pendergast Sentenced

Kevin Pendergast, who spoke at the FSU Gambling Symposium, was
sentenced for his connection in the Northwestern University point-shaving
scandal. The former Notre Dame placekicker was sentenced to two months in
federal prison and put on supervised release for two years. His sentence
will begin on February 1, 1999. Pendergast plead guilty to a sports
bribery charge in connection with the point-shaving incidents.

From the Interpretation File

Bylaw Noncoaching Activities. Countable coaches –
managers, outside consultants. A manager does not have to be included in
the institution’s limitations on countable coaches, provided the individual
is a student who performs traditional managerial duties. The committee
noted that it is not permissible to employ or utilize a manager for the
purpose of being involved only in on-court or on-field activities (e.g.,
pitching batting practice) without including such an individual in the
institution’s coaching limitations in that sport.

Further, an institution
may not employ an outside consultant to observe institutional practice
sessions and provide analysis of such sessions to coaching staff members
without including the individual in the institution’s coaching limitations
in that sport. This individual may not instruct the student-athletes.

Contest Questions

1) Student-athletes are permitted in booster’s skyboxes when accompanied by
their sport’s coach.

a) True

b) False

2) A coach may speak with a prospective student-athlete’s parents prior to
a game in which the prospect is participating.

a) True

b) False

Please submit your answers to the Compliance Office by December 31.

……In the News

Two University of Florida basketball players received game suspensions for
participating in summer basketball not sanctioned by the NCAA. Guard Eddie
Shannon missed two games, while forward Major Parker had to sit out the
Florida opener.

University of Kentucky strengthened its’ Drunk Driving policy recently.
Any athlete convicted of drunk driving will be kicked off their respective
team and lose their scholarship.

Additionally, the school will sever all current sponsorship agreements
with beer, wine and liquor companies.
Contracts totalling over $400,000 annually will be terminated. The ban
covers TV and radio, coaches shows, posters, schedule cards and game
programs. Athletic Director C.M. Newton also stated that any athlete
charged with underage drinking or public intoxication would be, at least,
placed on probation and be required to undergo alcohol counseling sessions.
The revised policy follows shortly after an alcohol related car crash that
took two lives, including a Kentucky football player, and injured one

The November 15th crash has led to charges being filed against Jason Watts,
the center on the football team, who had a blood-alcohol level of 1 1/2
times the legal limit at the time of the crash. In 1997, Watts
accidentally shot a teammate in the buttocks while intoxicated and plead
guilty to discharging a firearm within city limits.

A federal judge has dismissed a gender-discrimination lawsuit filed by a
female athlete at Duke University, who said she had been excluded from the
football team improperly. Heather Sue Mercer, a walk-on place-kicker sued
the university and its’ head coach, alleging that she had been kept off the
team due to her gender, a violation of Title IX.

The judge ruled that Duke and Coach Goldsmith had no obligation to allow
any participant on the team, based solely on a gender issue. His decision
was that although Title IX requires sports programs to permit members of
both sexes onto single-sex teams, contact sports such as football are

An Oregon State freshman injured by a goal post torn down by celebrating
fans just recently left intensive care. Cara Marie Martin was in serious
condition after being hurt at the Oregon State-Oregon football game.
Thousands of fans stormed the field following the Oregon State 44-41
double overtime win.

University of North Carolina men’s basketball player, Vasco Evtimov will
have to sit out a total of 16 games this season due to playing for a French
team as a way of trying out for the French National Team. The 6-10
sophomore returned to France to fulfill a mandatory military commitment.

While abroad Evtimov practiced and played for a club team and eventually
made the French National Team, playing in the world championships in Italy.
However, NCAA rules stipulate that once a student-athlete participating in
men’s basketball enrolls at a Division I-A school, he is not allowed to
play with a professional team, even if he does not receive compensation.

Phone Logs
Coaches – Don’t forget that Phone Logs are due on the first of
every month and considered late after December 5th. If you have any
questions or problems, please contact the Compliance Office. Thank you for
your cooperation.

Recruiting Calendar

Men’s Basketball

November 19-March 15, 1999; Quiet period except for 40 evaluation days
selected at the discretion of the institution and designated in writing in
the office of the director of athletics; institutional staff members shall
not visit a prospect’s high school on more than one day per week during
this period.

Women’s Basketball

October 8 – February 28, 1999: Quiet period except for November 9-12 (dead
period) and for 40 evaluation days selected at the discretion of the
institution and designated in writing in the office of the director of
athletics; institutional staff members shall not visit a prospect’s
educational institution on more than one day per week during this period.


December 1, 1998 – January 30, 1999: Contact Period, except for December
24, 1998 – January 1, 1999 (dead period); January 10, 1999, and January 14,
1999 (quiet period); and January 11-13, 1999 (dead period). Seven
in-person off-campus contacts per prospect are permitted during this time
period with not more than one contact permitted in any one calendar week
(Sunday through Saturday) or partial calendar week.


Mr. Bob Minnix

Associate Athletic

Director for Compliance

Ms. Pennie Parker

Director of Compliance Services

Mr. Brian Battle

Compliance Coordinator

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