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Florida State Facility Updates

 • Photo Gallery – August 8, 2003

The collegiate gothic design, which is compatible with the University Center and comparable to the Baltimore Camden Yards, has a traditional feel of an old ballpark, yet will offer all of the modern, fan-friendly amenities.

The new grandstand will be nearly doubled, offering 3,500 chairback seats to accommodate those Seminoles unable to purchase season tickets in recent years. The complex will feature twelve open-air skyboxes, along with an improved workspace for media and tournament officials.

Bleacher seats will extend down the lines increasing capacity from 5,500 to 7,000. A grassy burn will provide informal seating and picnic areas, including outdoor bar-b-que grills and a family area.

For our outstanding student athletes and dedicated coaches, who are always striving to be the best, an enlarged clubhouse and dugout will replace the cramped dressing and training rooms in use under the existing stadium.

The proposed complex will include a satellite weight room and a medical training area.

There will be more space to watch film and meet with coaches and a player’s lounge will afford the players an attractive area to study or congregate.

FSU many trophies and honors will be on display to prospective players and the public in a much needed tradition room.

The complex will also feature indoor pitching mounds and indoor batting tunnels. During the rainy spring and summer months these our team can still practice. Also these facilities can be used during a game for additional preparation year round.

 • Photo Gallery – August 8, 2003

The most ambitious aspect of the master plan is the completion of the north side of the beautiful University Center, which houses the Moore Athletic Center.

In addition to serving the administrative needs of the Florida State athletic department, the Moore Center is the hub of life for FSU’s 400-plus student-athletes. It is where they spend the majority of their time with weight training, medical services, study halls, counseling and dining.

Built in the 1950s as a football field house, the original infrastructure of the athletic center plumbing, sewage, air-conditioning, etc. has become inadequate to the demands placed upon it by far more student-athletes and staff than it was designed for.

The building will be designed to match the rest of the University Center and replace current Moore building.

The plans for the new building will include brand new infrastructure, more efficient floor plan and room for growth.

The proposed facility will allocate space for FSU athletic trainers curriculum as well as providing a studio for the FSU Communications students who gain hands-on experience producing work for Seminole athletics and other users. All 400+ student athletes use the same 3,551 square foot training and rehab area.

The design includes an expanded facility for FSU’s innovative leadership and student development office along with more than 8,000 square feet of tutorial space that will free up academic space in another area of campus. A multi-purpose theatre for team meetings, press conferences, symposiums, conferences and tutoring is also included in the plan as well as a spacious weight-training complex, capable of handling the diverse needs of the many men’s and women’s sports.

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