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Policy on Student-Athlete Transfer Appeals

Florida State University student-athletes seeking an exception to the Athletic Department’s policy on granting a release to transfer to another institution may appeal a decision of the Athletic Department denying the exception.   The policies and procedures governing this appeal are outlined below.


The hearing panel will consist of three FSU faculty members.  The Faculty Athletic Representative, or his or her designate, will appoint two other faculty to serve on the hearing panel and will act as chair.  

The hearing process is informal.  Members of the panel will listen to the information provided and ask questions.  The student-athlete seeking an exception to the University policy on granting a release to transfer will be allowed to make an opening statement, hear all the testimony in the hearing, question those providing testimony, and review any documents that are provided to the panel.

The university has an obligation to insure the privacy rights of its current and former students.  Therefore, unless the student-athlete expressly requests otherwise, the hearing will be closed to the public.


The student-athlete should submit a list of persons who will be invited to the hearing.  Any additional documents, other than those already submitted with the student-athlete’s letter requesting an appeal, should be sent to the Chair of the hearing panel in advance of the hearing so that the hearing panel can review them at the time of the hearing.  If the student-athlete wishes to call a witness on his or her behalf, it is the student-athlete’s responsibility to insure the witness is informed of the date, time and place of the hearing.

The student-athlete may have an attorney present to advise him or her at the hearing or to assist in directing questions to anyone giving testimony at the hearing.  However, the costs of retaining counsel to for the hearing are the responsibility of the student-athlete.  If the student-athlete plans to have an attorney present at the hearing, the Faculty Athletic Representative should be informed in advance so that a representative of the University’s general counsel may be present.


Florida State University’s policy on granting a release to transfer mirrors ACC policy in that the student-athlete is required to present objective evidence that proves the student-athlete’s extraordinary personal hardship merits a waiver. 


After the hearing concludes, the members of the panel will deliberate.  Once the decision is made, a formal statement of the panel’s findings, ruling, and the rationale supporting the ruling will be sent to the student-athlete by certified mail.  The FSU Athletic Compliance Office will retain a copy of this document.  If the hearing is private, the only part of the faculty panel’s decision that will be made public is the ruling itself.

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