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Seminioles Head Back To The Field After Taking Wednesday Off

March 20, 2008


  • Tallahassee, FL – Thursday was supposed to be an off day for the Seminole football team but after weather shut down Wednesday’s session before it got started, the team was back out on the field this afternoon. The squad went through another 26-period practice in shorts. It was the second-to-last practice in shorts as the Seminoles will come out in shells on Friday and in full pads on Saturday.






    Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

    Opening Statement:

    “Today’s second day, we got rained out yesterday so we went out today. We really wanted to give them off today because we are gonna go Friday and gonna go Saturday. So shorts today, tomorrow we’re going out in shells and practice about the same time.”


    On how practice was today:

    “Practice again, very much like (the first day), (the first day) was better then the previous year’s first day. I thought we picked up and learned a little bit more today. That’s what they are doing, that’s all about all you can do when you’re wearing shorts is trying to learn what to do. So it looks like they are learning it pretty decently. It’s hard to single anybody out when you’re not scrimmages and anything like that.”


    On how the younger wide receivers handled their redshirt seasons:

    “Well the redshirt must have been good because they have done well. I think especially Bert (Reed) and (Taiwan) Easterling kind of jumped out at you. Those kids, even (Brandon) Paul, who is working at tailback now, you can see some talent there. I remember last year when Bert was out there, I was thinking, man, when he starts getting to where he catches the ball he would be a good one, because he would drop a lot of them. But this spring he has hadn’t dropped hardly anything. It’s that year maturity coming along.”


    On how the wide receivers use there advantages:

    “(Greg) Carr and Cameron (Wade), they depend on their height and their size to take advantage of the passing game. Whereas these little guys, they got a chance to go along ways when they catch the ball. I’ll tell you who is having good two days so far is (Rod) Owens. Owens has really caught the ball well and run with it well. But they are all doing pretty good in there. But again you’re in shorts and a little bit different when they put the pads on.”


    On how D’Vontrey Richardson has improved since last season:

    “I’ll tell you a guy who you can really see the difference, D’Vontrey (Richardson). Last spring he was here very little of the time and he looked like he was way out of the wrong game. Now this spring it’s looked the other way around. He looks like he belongs. Still making some errors, but at least he completes a lot of passes out there, that’s very encouraging.”


    On the young offensive line:

    “They are young, they are good athletes. They are not real big, but they are pretty quick and moving their feet good and if they’ll just keep working hard and listening, they will work into something good. Anytime you bring in a new coach in, they’ve got their style. They are different styles in football.”


    On Jamie Robinson’s position change:

    “Mickey (Andrews) decided to more him to free safety. He is probably physically fitted better for that position. It’s a matter of picking it up and grasping it. It’s according to how much he wants to learn and how good he wants to be, and I think he wants to be good, I haven’t seen him slacking off out there. He still got a lot to learn which he’ll learn.”


    S Jamie Robinson:

    On his strong part of his new position:

    “I know one of the strong parts in my game is reading and breaking and that’s what you’re doing a lot, you read the quarterback and read off those balls.”


    On what he wants to work on before the fall:

    “The main thing I’ll probably do is work on my tackling and working on coming up and being more aggressive on my tackling. You know at corner you don’t really have to tackle as much you would at safety. At corner it’s more of a `you have to tackle,’ at safety it’s more of a `convenient tackle’. That’s the thing I want to work on before the fall.


    On if he has the mentality to tackle hard:

    “I know I have the mentality, I haven’t been really able to do anything yet because we have shorts and helmets, but you put on some pads and shoulder pads and we’ll get to thud a little bit. I’ll get to work a little bit on it tomorrow.”


    WR Taiwan Easterling:

    On his second day of spring practice:
    “I fell pretty good; still learning a little bit. As far as my route running, I feel pretty good about that. But you still got to come out and work hard and just come out and keep doing the same thing and keep playing hard.”


    On how his confidence is growing:

    “It’s more of a confidence thing like more experience and just knowing the plays more and basically knowing the system.”


    On what it’s like to not be playing baseball:

    “It’s a big change for me; I have never not played baseball. I still go out and watch them play. I go out every Sunday go watch them play when they are at home. I still talk to all of them.”


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