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Seminole Boosters Spring Tour Brings FSU Football To 15 Cities

April 9, 2013

Tallahassee, Fl – Fans of Florida State University football will be celebrating the start of the 2013 football season early this year when the Seminole Boosters Spring Tour travels to 15 cities beginning April 18th 2013. Head coach Jimbo Fisher, the voice of the Seminoles, Gene Deckerhoff and FSU celebrities including former players and coaches will join these unique scholarship fundraising events.

“Last year’s Spring Tour was fantastic and we’re building on that success with a series of events that appeal to Seminole fans of all ages,” said Kirstin Rayborn VP of Marketing. The 2013 Booster Tour includes golf events, rallies, a Family Fun Day, concerts, a FSU Quarterback Classic, cocktail functions, 3D videos, silent auctions and a fishing tournament. “It’s an opportunity to enjoy Booster Life outside of Tallahassee and interact with other fans and Seminole celebrities,” Rayborn added. There will be photo and autograph opportunities along with other entertainment, music and videos. We like to think of the Spring Tour as a series of ‘fun-raising’ events. We’re recruiting new Seminole Booster members and season ticket holders in order to generate the funds our athletic program needs for our student athlete’s scholarships while having a great time.”

The Boosters have been overwhelmed by the response from Seminole Celebrities who want to show their application for their scholarship and FSU education by helping raise funds for future FSU student athletes. “Many of the guys are traveling to several cities with the tour,” said Rayborn. A partial list of celebrities include, Charlie Ward, Joe and Henry Ostaszewski, Sammie Smith, William Floyd, Gary Huff, Jimmy Jordan, Danny McManus, Chip Ferguson, PT Willis, Brad Johnson, Casey Weldon, Thad Busby, Marcus Outzen and Barry Smith. “It’s very exciting and our fans are going to have a great time,” said Rayborn.

The Seminole Boosters Spring tour is traveling to:

• Pensacola for a Golf Tournament and Casino Night on April 18th

• Panama City on April 19th for a Golf Tournament and Casino Night

• Atlanta for Casino Night on April 21st and April 29th for a Golf Tournament

• Orlando on April 27th for the Golf Tournament June 8th for Casino Night

• Jacksonville April 22nd for the golf tournament and for Casino Night on May 24th

• South Florida on May 4th for Casino Night and on May 10th for the Golf Tournament

• Sarasota on May6th for the Golf tournament & Rally

• Naples on May 17th for the Golf tournament & VIP Lunch

• Tampa for the Family Fun Day on May19th and FSU Quarterback Classic on May 20th

• Ocala for the golf tournament May 22nd

• Polk County on May 23rd for Casino Night and May 24th for the Golf Tournament

• Pinellas County on May 31st for the Chinese Auction event

• Tallahassee on June 3rd for the Golf Tournament

• Palm Beach May 18th for the Golf tournament

• Ft. Myers on June 14th and 15th for the Fishing Tournament

“We’re asking our Seminole Boosters to become recruiters and help make these local tour events Boosters Signing day events,” added Seminole Boosters Events Coordinator Jay Peeper. “Our Booster members fund our athletic programs and provide our student athletes the tools that they need to be successful on the field and in the classroom.”

Coach Jimbo Fisher commented on the support of Seminole Boosters and the important role Booster members play in making Florida State an elite football program.

“Nothing can be done without our Boosters,” Fisher said. “We need every one of you. We need every single one of you because we have to keep up with everything that is going on if we are going to win the national championship, which I truly believe we will, and to stay at the top for a long time.”

To register for a Seminole Boosters Spring Tour event and to join or renew a Seminole Boosters membership, visit www.SeminoleBoosters.com

Watch a special message from Gene Deckerhoff about the spring tour coming to you!

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