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Seminole Diaries – Q & A With Freshman Tori Huster

Aug. 30, 2008

FSU Soccer at Penn State Tournament Photo Gallery

Freshman midfielder Tori Huster sat down with during Florida State’s recent road trip to University Park, Pa., where the Seminoles took on a pair of nationally ranked opponents in Penn State and Connecticut. Huster talked about her decision to attend Florida State, the transition from living in Ohio to life in Florida and the emotions of taking the field as a starter against UCF to open the season.

Q: Although it has only been a month since you arrived in Tallahassee and with a week of classes under your belt, can you describe your Florida State experience so far?
A: It’s the best place that I have ever been with the facilities, the coaches and the girls on the team. I knew I wanted to go to Florida State. It’s been a dream come true for me. I knew how it was when I came to visit and now that I am here everything is exactly how I expected it to be.

Q: Talk about the transition from living in Ohio to moving to Florida.
A: It’s a little bit hotter but I knew I wanted to go down south when I was looking for schools to go to. I wanted to go to a school with warmer weather because I like playing in the warmer weather. I just feel like I’m looser and I can sweat a little bit. It has been hot, but I just need to drink a little more water. Other than that, it’s not too hard.

Q: Describe your emotions when you took the field on opening day against UCF in your first career collegiate game.
A: I was excited and nervous at the same time. With the other girls around me, they helped me to not be as nervous as I would have been any where else. So, I think that was a big impact when I walked on to the field for my first game.

Q: Do you prepare differently for a road match as opposed to a home match?
A: It is different in the fact that I haven’t seen the place before. I have to know to keep my mind focused on soccer…If I am preparing myself one way here and I’m doing well and it’s making me play okay then I have to prepare the same way every where else. It’s a matter of making sure that I am preparing myself the same way every time out.

Q: Talk about your first road trip experience, playing against a nationally ranked opponent in Penn State in front of your friends and family and coming away with a big road victory.
A: It was a good first road trip experience. It was nice to not have to drive all the way up here (she says with a laugh). I was pretty excited to know that my whole family would be here and I was really excited to see my sister. I know that my family is proud of me. I am just happy that they are here and that I can play for them and that they can come see me whenever they have the chance.

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