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Seminole Football Continues Preparations For Saturday’s Game With Duke

Oct. 10, 2006


· Florida State practiced 21 periods Tuesday in shells as the team continued its preparations for Duke.

· After working on special teams, the team broke up into individual units.

· Most of the practice was spent working separately versus the scout teams.

· Some of the defensive highlights versus the scout team included an interception on a deep ball by J.R. Bryant and pass break-ups by Myron Rolle and Jamie Robinson.

· In 1-on-1 Xavier Lee connected with Joslin Shaw and Robert Hallback on deep throws while Drew Weatherford and De’Cody Fagg hooked up on a deep pass as well.

· In pass skel Weatherford connected with Chris Davis for a long gain.


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

“We had a good practice last night and I thought there was a lot of enthusiasm out there today which is what we gotta have. The biggest concern now of course is your depth”

(have you scaled back practice because of the lack of depth)

“We probably have on contact but not on time. We are still getting the same amount of time to practice. We felt like we had to do more scout-squad work today than hitting. We just can’t afford an injury. You just have to get it on the sleds – all of your explosion and everything.”

(on guys on non-contact jerseys)

“We kept most of our starting linebackers in blue shirts; we don’t want nobody hitting on them.”

(on if the quarterbacks stood out in practice today) “No, that looks about the same.”

(on this team getting the spark it needs)

“It’s time. We’ve just got to play better. Our backs are to the wall now and they see that. That’s what history is for; to see what has happened in the past. Whatever has happened once can happen again.”

Offensive Lineman Mario Henderson

(On cohesiveness on the offensive line)

“In all honesty because of Jacky (Claude) it isn’t really a big deal. I am on the left side all the time and Jacky is over there with me too. So a lot of times my call reflects Jacky’s call and Jacky’s call reflects my call. I know how he thinks and Jacky knows how I think.”

(On the mood of the team after a second ACC loss)

“We are going to have to work for it. One thing we have to do is focus game by game. A lot of time what happens, I have seen it, when teams get down you start worrying about the future. You start thinking so much. All of a sudden they’re looking forward and they come into a game and get beat. They are looking forward but they need to be focused on this game. The coaches came out with great enthusiasm (this week).”

(On whether it is easier or tougher to lose early in the season rather than later on)

“In a way it is tougher because in a season you want to start the momentum and get this ball rolling but in a good way it is kind of better because you got them out of the way and you can move forward.”

Offensive Lineman Cory Niblock

(On his advice to teammates regarding knee surgery)

“All three of the guys came to me looking for advice and asking what to expect. I filled them in on everything. It is not as bad as everyone thinks. You get so nervous when you find out you are getting your knee totally reconstructed. It is all about the rehab.”

Linebacker Buster Davis

(on the mood of the team)

“I have just told my teammates to keep their head up. You are still living and as long as you are living, that’s all that matters. It’s not the last day you are ever going to step out on to the field and as long as you go out there and play hard every down that’s all I can ask of you. Just go out and give it all you’ve got.”

(on the lack of depth)

“I think the only time I got off (the field) the whole year was a couple of plays in Clemson and the fourth quarter in Rice. It’s no difference to me. I just have to do what I do; try to help the team make the most plays we can make and help our team win.”

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