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Nutrition can often times be the “missing link” for athletes. Here at Florida State University, we strive to transform the elite athletes into champions by incorporating nutrition into their training program.

We start with a food first philosophy, using the most up to date research to fuel all 21 sports. A variety of services are available to the student athletes in order to create a healthy lifestyle which allows them to succeed both on and off the field.

Cooking Classes

Many college students have little to no experience in the kitchen. The cooking classes use simple recipes to teach a variety of easy cooking techniques to the student athletes. They pair off into groups to cook different parts of the meal and then bring it all together for an easy, nutritious meal.

Team Education

The nutrition staff provides team education presentations to all 21 teams at Florida State University. In these sessions, basic nutrition is explained to the student athletes. Simple topics such as hydration, proper meal timing, recovery tactics, and proper food choices. The overall goal is for the student athletes to learn more about basic nutrition so that they can apply it now and promote a future healthy lifestyle.

Fueling the Athlete

Here at FSU, the sports nutrition team offers a variety of different options for the student athletes to properly fuel for their performance.  We provide pre/post workout nutrition tailored to the different athlete’s needs. The sports nutrition team also provides nutrition around competition. For on the road competitions, meal planning is provided. Additionally, different food options are offered in the team locker rooms to ensure proper post-workout recovery.

Individual Coaching

The sports nutrition team has two registered dietitians to provide individual counseling. We provide personal meal plans to help with different body composition goals. We work one on one to help ensure all of the student athletes are able to perform at their best. We also provide medical nutrition therapy for those with medical conditions such as diabetes, GERD, high cholesterol, food allergies/intolerances, etc. If an injury should happen, we provided education on how to excel healing so that the athlete can get back to his/her sport as quickly as possible.

Body Composition Testing

The Bod Pod is a machine that measures body composition through air displacement. The athletes’ body compositions are typically measured before, during, and after season to monitor trends. The Bod Pod is used as a piece of the puzzle in achieving an athlete’s performance goals. The test takes less than five minutes and is one of the most accurate body composition measuring tools with only one and a half percent error.

Supplement verification and NCAA compliance

Supplements can be very tricky. All athletes are required to report nutrition supplements to the sports nutritionist. This allows the sports nutritionist to check for banned substances, read current research on the safety and effectiveness of the supplement, as well as the reputation and certifications of the supplement manufacturer. If an athlete tests positive on a drug test they lose one year of eligibility. All supplement inquiries can be sent to the Director of Sports Nutrition, Katy Meassick, at

Five Ways to Fuel Your Inner Champion

Nutrient dense foods

Optimize timing

Lean towards color

Eat whole foods

Sip on water throughout the day

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