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Seminole Q&A With FSU Women’s Tennis Captain Roxanne Clarke

Feb. 28, 2005

You were chosen captain of your team, how important is that to you and how you think you will lead the team on the court?

Being captain is important to me – I think it’s important to everyone. I felt like I was a leader last year but being captain, almost gives you a little more leeway to say things and be a little more honest and speak up in meetings and practice. What it means to me is being able to be more vocal and lead the team in that respect and get this team fired up and try to make each person also a leader.

You didn’t have captains last year, but seniors that stepped up. Did you take your leadership example from them and how they welcomed you as a freshman and helped you in?

Oh definitely. Our seniors last year were awesome. We basically called them our captains. I think this year if our seniors had to do the same thing it would have been just as great. I definitely took examples from them – they were great leaders. At the same time when I was a freshman, I tried not to subject myself to a lot of freshmen treatment.

During your freshman year, you had a great season on the court. What are you looking forward to this year and does it change your focus a little bit after winning last season?

The focus is always to win but I wanted to do better this year. I want make conference. I want to have a ranking. My ultimate goal is to be All-American in singles and doubles. In singles, my goal this year was to make conference but in doubles I want to make the tournament.

In doubles your playing with a new partner, how is it different considering you had success last year?

It’s extremely different. Foley and Mickey are different players. Mickey is the type of player, who is solid from the back but when she comes forward she adds depth to her game. Foley attacks right up the side. Foley thinks a lot about stuff. She analyzes players and has a great hand. It’s really different for me though. Foley and I have to get adapted to each other. All the previous partners I’ve had, I was the one who would be dominating at the net or making that extra move but with Foley we both have that instinct. So adapting to each other has been kind of hard but as coach says if we keep at it we could be really good.

I know you have to adjust to a new coach, but does it help that she stood in your shoes just ten years ago. Does it make it easier to work with her and trust what she say because she is a Seminole?

A lot of people don’t know but Coach Hyde was a really good doubles player. She did really well when she was here. She lets me know that she believes in me. And that helps because she was the kind of player that she sees in me and she wants me to be a really good doubles player.

As a team, what are you goals do you have?

We wrote down our goals – we wanted to finish at least get third in conference. That’s a tough goal but that’s what we picked because we achieved it last year. Of course, we want to make the tournament.

How long have you known newcomer Tapiwa Marobela?

I’ve known of Taps since I was 13, so maybe seven years. I played a tournament in Botswana and Taps was there. She was 10 at an 18-under tournament. I guess she just entered because she was the only women’s tennis player that was really good in Botswana. Then I moved to the ITF Center and she followed and we lived there for 3 years. I think it helped a little in her deciding to come here. She visited during last year’s upset of No. 9 North Carolina and to see one of her old friends play in that it, influenced her a little.

When is that last time you went home? What do you do when you are home?

The last time that I went home was last summer. I went out a lot with my friends, just visiting different places around Cape Town. It is similar in terms of clubs and people but Tallahassee is the country while Cape Town is a city.

What do you miss the most not being home?
I miss Cape Town and seeing that mountain every day, being close to the ocean. The vibe of the city is awesome. I miss my friends, brother, sister and mom. But I get over it every day.

What do you miss the least?
Boredom at times.

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