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Seminole Seniors Will Provide Leadership

Oct. 27, 2005

Meshing nine returnees with six newcomers will be a challenge for the 2005-06 Florida State women’s basketball team and head coach Sue Semrau will rely on her senior class to help build that chemistry. That’s why Semrau named seniors Ganiyat Adeduntan, Holly Johnson, Hannah Linquist and LaQuinta Neely team captains this season. She’s hoping that putting together the strengths of these four seniors will create a leadership the team will need in order to be successful.

“Each of these four seniors brings such a different and special component to our team,” Semrau said. “These four players have great leadership ability as a unit. Singularly, I don’t think any of them are as effective as they will be collectively. So we are looking to them to come together as a unit to lead this team to places that we’ve never been before.”

The Seminoles are coming off of a 24-8 season and a second round appearance in the 2005 NCAA Tournament. Perhaps as unique as having six freshmen on this year’s team is that all four seniors have been at Florida State since their freshman years.

“The four of them have gone through the system since their freshman years and each have contributed in different ways,” Semrau said. “Each have learned different things about my philosophy and each have learned different things about Florida State. They each have different reasons and different purposes for wanting to be successful here but they all mesh together to be the more complete picture of what we want at Florida State.”

In their own words, here is what the FSU senior captains say they bring to the team:

Ganiyat Adeduntan:

“We all bring leadership roles, but personally, I bring a form of determination, mixed with enthusiasm, to hype and pump by teammates up, especially when we are doing great things. I bring a desire to win and my team knows that I am going to go out and compete every time because winning is my ultimate goal in every game, every practice and every drill. After four years, I know what to expect and I know what we need to do to succeed. I know what it’s going to take for us to be a good team, come January and February when it really counts and I can use that to lead the others.”

Holly Johnson:

“What I bring to the team as a captain is kind of the vocal side of things. I’m more the energizer who talks it up all of the time. I just bring energy to the team. Being here and playing for Coach Sue for four years really allows me, because I know the system so well, to help the freshmen and underclassmen when we are in practice or going over drills. I think it helps out the coaches to know that they can rely on me and that I will get the job done. Being the vocal leader has always come easy to me. I enjoy the other players getting energized off of me and I like being able to bring that to the team.”

Hannah Linquist:

“I feel like I bring a sense of comfort to the team. Players can come to me and talk to me and don’t feel threatened by me because I’m a senior. They look to me for advice. I spent all summer working with the freshmen as a C.A.R.E. counselor and helped them adjust to campus. They asked me a lot of questions about how school goes and how basketball goes and practice and games are, so I think they are looking to me to be a role model and to see how I deal with everything and will follow along in my footsteps.”

LaQuinta Neely:

“I bring leadership by example. I’m not as vocal. I try to just show them the way by what I do and hope they will try to do it too. Being in my fifth year, it’s an advantage because I know the system and I know what to expect from the college game. I just try to give that knowledge to the freshmen and younger players. Having the opportunity to watch from the sidelines when I was injured a couple years ago, I learned a lot and putting that to practice is what I’m doing.”

The Seminoles will get the season underway Monday, October 31st at 7 p.m. when they host Athletes In Action at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center.

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