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Seminole Swimmers Top Miami

Oct. 8, 2000

The Florida State men’s and women’s swimming
and diving teams were successful in their second competition of the season
with a sweep of the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday, October 7th. The FSU
men’s team captured a 158-79 victory while the Lady Seminoles took home a
155-87 win.

The Florida State women were victorious in nine of 11 swimming
events, including both the 400-yard medley and freestyle relays. The FSU
winners include: the 400 Yard Medley Relay team of Amber Goodwin, Karyn
Krenauw, Candice Nethercott, Kristen Adams in 3:55.96, the 200 Yard
Freestyle – Kristen Adams, 1:56.09, the 50 Yard Freestyle – Chisty Cech,
24.05, the 200 Yard IM – Summer Bell, 2:08.37, the 200 Yard Butterfly –
Candice Nethercott, 2:06.32, the 100 Yard Freestyle – Christy Cech, 52.22,
the 200 Yard Backstroke – Amber Goodwin, 2:06.23, the 200 Yard Breaststroke
– Karyn Krenauw, 2:22.20, the 400 Yard Freestyle Relay team of Summer Bell,
Alison Cucchi, Candice Nethercott, Christy Bell in 3:37.71.

The Seminole men’s team also won nine of 11 events, including both
relays. The FSU winners include: the 400 Yard Medley Relay team of
Jonathan Caplan, Richard Cowling, Joey Marshburn, Michael Paulus in
3:37.01, the 200 Yard Freestyle – Jeff Boatright, 1:45.51, the 50 Yard
Freestyle – Greg Main-Baillie, 21.22, the 200 Yard IM – Richard Cowling,
1:56.75, the 200 Yard Buttlerfly – Devin Crock, 1:55.50, the 100 Yard
Freestyle – Joey Marshburn, 48.05, the 200 Yard Backstroke – Greg
Main-Baillie, 1:53.61, the 200 Yard Breaststroke – 2:11.40, the 400 Yard
Freestyle Relay team of Erik Moe, Nnamnse Ammons, Joey Marshburn, Devin
Crock in 3:07.75.

Miami won all four diving events, however, FSU had some impressive
performances. Freshman Chelsie Lerew placed second in both the one- and
three-meter diving events. Freshmen James Korten and Josh Edelman placed
second and third, respectively, on the one-meter dive and the two
flip-flopped their finishes in the three-meter diving event.

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