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Seminole Track and Field’s Cedric Nabe Develops Data Program For Student-Athletes

May 15, 2007

Senior sprinter Cedric Nabe not only helps the Seminoles on the track, but has developed a program to help them off the track as well. It’s called SportLog and it will soon revolutionize the way coaches and student-athletes interact and track their progress.

Nabe, a native of Geneva, Switzerland, began running track his senior year of high school and has played soccer for over 13 years. The idea of moving over 4,760 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Tallahassee, Fla. stemmed from meeting former Florida State track standout Laura Gerber in 2003. From there, Nabe contacted men’s sprints coach Ken Harnden and in 2004 he transferred to FSU.

“At the time I was honestly considering going to Clemson,” Nabe said. “But I think knowing Laura [Gerber] and hearing her talk so highly of Florida State helped me make my final decision.”

That decision has brought a list of accomplishments for Nabe, as he was a member of the 2006 NCAA Outdoor National Championship team. In the classroom, the information technology student has been working on a program that he hopes will be utilized by coaches and athletes across the nation.

The SportLog is an internet based data system that can track and store an athlete’s progress at practice and at competitions. There is a log for rehabbing injuries and there are also areas to document eating habits and a forum to communicate with other athletes and coaches.

In February of this year, Cedric was awarded with the Florida State University Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Award by the National Fellowship Advisory Committee. This award grants a stipend of $4,000 to carry out proposed research for a creative project for twelve weeks under the guidance of a supervising professor.

Nabe used the award to conduct research as well as secure a website domain and apply for a copyright.

“I am really thankful to the Office of National Fellowships for granting me this award and opportunity,” Nabe said.

The SportLog website has seven different sections including an announcement board, message center, health tracker, live chat room, and a useful links page to name a few.

“One of my goals is to make it very easy to use for everyone,” Nabe said. “Some coaches may not be completely comfortable with the internet or these types of programs, so I designed it to be very user friendly.”

Although SportLog is currently programmed to be used strictly by the men’s and women’s track and field team, Cedric plans to create a version for each collegiate sport to use which will be geared toward each sport’s individual needs.

“I’m sure that a lot of sports, not just track and field, are lacking the tools that SportLog can provide,” Nabe said. “My hope is that in the near future, this web-based program will be the solution to the communication and data filing issues collegiate athletics experience.

“Another key aspect is SportLog can be easily customized and expanded. It has features that can be easily adapted to a sport’s specific needs, as well as new tools that may be implemented depending on the needs of each individual user.”

The SportLog website is up-and-running and has been utilized by the track and field team since early April. The idea of SportLog was presented in a head coaches’ meeting on May 9 to get the word out to all sports at Florida State.

Cedric will graduate in the spring of 2008 and hopes to continue his education by working towards an MBA at Florida State.

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