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Seminole Tribe of Florida Bio
Hall of Fame Class: 2005 (Moore-Stone Award)

Proudly using the name Seminoles, Florida State student-athletes work in the classroom and on the playing field to reflect the bravery, pride and unyielding resistance to oppression that has characterized the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

The Seminole people have suffered many hardships and injustices, but they have remained brave, dignified and proud. As the only tribe that never surrendered to the U.S. government, their unconquered spirit provides an inspiration to all of our students.

By calling themselves Seminoles, members of the FSU community are engaging in a tradition of tribute for a people whose indomitable spirit is one that is deserving of honor.

This university honors the bravery, courage, strength and determination of a people who never surrendered, who persevered to safeguard their heritage and traditions.

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