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Seminoles’ Blixt Talks About His ACC Individual Golf Championship

April 24, 2007

Seminole junior Jonas Blixt became the first golfer in school history to earn individual medalist honors at the ACC Championship earlier this week. He sat down with members of the local media on Monday after returning to Tallahassee with his medal in hand and talked about his winning effort. Here’s what Florida State’s first ACC golf champion had to say:

“I played with the guy who was leading the tournament. I was trying to do something in the beginning to get some pressure on him. I though I did that by making the eagle on the first hole. The he made bogie on the next hole so I got three shots out of nowhere. So I thought I got some pressure on him. I was playing with Martin Ureta from North Carolina. When I saw that he was struggling a little bit I just started to focus on making birdies and trying to extend my lead of him and help the team as well.”

(on feedback from Head Coach Trey Jones during the round)
I didn’t see coach the whole day – I think he was like `well he’s golfing good – so let him keep doing what he is doing’.”

(on having any idea of his position during the round)
“No. I did not look at the scoreboard. I was just trying to do my own thing and make as many birdies as possible. We usually don’t have any scoreboards at all. I was just trying to make birdies and play as well as possible to help the team out. I was thinking that the team might have a chance if I make a lot of birdies and I thought if I played decently I might have a shot for the championship.”

(on when he found out he had won the individual championship)
“We had to wait for about an hour before I knew it. There was one guy who was out there who could still beat me.”

(on making the turn at hole No. 9 – any idea where you were?)
“No. I knew what I was shooting and I knew that was a good score – at least I knew I wouldn’t drop any. I was four out of the lead to start the day. I knew I had a good chance when I birdied 12 and went to eight under. I had to keep it up but I knew it was pretty good.”

(on playing so well in this tournament)
“Coach helped me out a little with my swing this week. I was struggling a little bit in the beginning of the spring season. We talked about it and he helped me out. I got back to what I was doing in the fall. It’s not much; it’s a feeling more than a technique. I’m moving my hips I another way. It makes my misses less and my good shot a little better. It makes my shots go closer to the pin and I can make more birdies. I wasn’t hitting balls as good as I used to and I worked on it a little but and we talked about what was the difference between now and back in the fall. I felt what we talked about. You don’t see it but I feel it.”

(what changes did you make?)
“Sometimes when I clear my hips the ball takes off too much left and keeps on going left. Or I block it with my hands it take off right and keeps on going right. But when I stay still and keep my hips in, it takes off and the ball doesn’t move that much.”

(what did you think coming off of 17?)
“I was a little bit aggravated because I had two really good birdie tries on 15 and 16 that I just left dead in the heart. But, I was like you just have to birdie 18 and you can’t look back right now. It was the second time I birdied 18 on the weekend and it’s a good birdie hole.”

(rough weekend last time out at the Golf Club of Georgia?)
“Nope, we did not have a very good weekend. It was a good tournament though. It was good for the team when it exposes our weaknesses and we can come back and work on that. This is a young team and we really learned something from it and I think we’ll be better.”

(how did coach approach practice last week after that tournament?)
“It was more of an individual basis. You have to think about what you did yourself and then practice it.”

(are you surprised at the jump the entire team made from last weekend to this one?)
“Well it was a really tough field at the Golf Club of Georgia where we struggled and played bad – that’s obvious. We improved but I still think we have a lot of potential that we haven’t fulfilled yet. I think we need to practice a little bit more in the off-season and if we can do that we can really do good.”

(will you stay here this summer?)>
“I’m going to play at Palmer Cup and then I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ll probably go home for awhile.”

(how much thought, if any, did you put into trying to win this event individually?)
“First of all, you want the team to win. But for the team to win, you want to do your best. I felt that I could win this tournament. I’ve won two other tournaments and I know I can win so I thought well if I can win this then I can help the team out and we’ll be fine.”

(so I think you were 48th last week, did you put that right out of mind?)
“Oh yeah, I didn’t think of it. I don’t really look at results. It’s just a number.”

(take us through shot-by-shot on the eagle)
“Well my tee-shot was nothing special really, I aimed a the target and I hit it and it’s just a tee shot that you want to get out there and have a good look at hitting the green in two and I did that. My second shot was one of the best shots I’ve hit all year. It was 260 yards to the pin and I hadn’t hit this high of a 3-wood and I just smoked it right up into the air and it stayed aligned with the pin the whole way.”

(so it was just a tap in?)
“No it was a putt. It was probably 16 feet or something. It was a bit short.”

(when you nailed the putt did you think `I have a chance?’)
“Oh yeah. It wasn’t that easy of a putt. It was uphill and a break to the right.”

(when you hit that 3-wood were you in the middle of the fairway?)
“I was actually just on the edge of the rough. It had a good, clean lie.”

(how far was your tee-shot?)
“290, 300, something like that.”

(do you get a sense of the history you’ve made here at Florida State?)
“I looked at the names of who had won it and it’s honorable for me to do that.”

(did you recognize any of those names?)
“Arnold Palmer won the first one. Jay Haas, Bill Haas, Davis Love III and Curtis Strange. It’s a lot of tool players who have won it and it’s an honorable feeling.”

(is this as good a field as you’ve won against?)
“I don’t know, to be honest with you. There was a decent field in Alabama and the Gator Invitational.”

(did you have any major wins that you would compare this to before you got to Florida State?)
“I’ve had a team championship once., we won the European Championship. I always like to win in team and I hoped the team had won yesterday too because it’d be a lot more fun since you would have something to share with somebody. It’s probably that or I won the Swedish Stroke Play. It was a big thing too.”

(if your goal is to play professionally, where do you want to play? Here or Europe?)
“It depends on the situation that I’m putting myself in, if I can get onto the Tour and if I can qualify and see how far I get if not I will go home and qualify for the European or Asian Tour.”

(what are you studying?)
“Business. My degree will be in business. International Business. I’ll graduate next year.”

(did you call home right away?)
“No I didn’t, I actually I talked to them just before I got here. By the time I got back to Tallahassee it was like two o’clock in the morning back home.”

(did they already know?)
“No, my dad watched it on the Internet this morning while I was asleep.”

(did he see film or just scores?)
“Oh, he saw scores.”

(when you made the decision to come over here, how did your family feel? Did they want you to come?)
“Yes. I don’t think they wanted me to leave and go that far from home but it’s a step to get as good as possible and that’s what I’m trying to do and my coach and the FSU program is giving me everything I need to become as good as I can and if I don’t that’s up to me. I can’t blame them for that.”

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