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Seminoles Continue Bowl Game Preparation With First Practice In Orlando

Dec. 22, 2008



ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida State football opened practice for the 2008 Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando Monday at McCracken Field in the shadow of the Citrus Bowl.  The Seminoles practiced for 12 periods without pads working against the Wisconsin scout teams.  The team will return to practice Tuesday morning as they continue to prepare for Saturday’s game against the Badgers.   

Fans can follow the Seminole football team in Orlando all week at with daily quotes and photo galleries from events leading up to Saturday’s Champs Sports Bowl. 


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On Monday possibly being the coldest day of the week:

“I hope that’s true, if it gets too cold I am going to have to get another dag gum jacket.  This is ideal right now to practice football though, just ideal.  I would prefer it that way (weather in the 80s).  How much bearing it would have, I don’t know?”

On what he has seen from Wisconsin:

“I have looked at a lot of them (film on Wisconsin).  They are a physical football team, very big, different from us.  We are spread out more, more wide open type.  They are more of a pound you football team, but they spread out a little too.  They can throw the ball good too.  We have had trouble with their kind of a football team, a team that runs the ball and can keep the ball.  We have a hard time trying to get it away from them because of their size.”

On his bowl experience and how they differ from one year to the next:

“They are very much the same.  It’s nice to play in different places.  There have been times that we have played in the Orange Bowl a couple times in a row and also this bowl a couple times in a row.  I think it’s nice; of course you would like to get to the BCS bowl game if you could, but it’s nice to get to different towns.  It’s good to get back to Orlando.  The first bowl game that I played in when I got to Florida State was the old Tangerine Bowl.”

Christian Ponder, Redshirt Sophomore, QB

On what the Seminoles hope to accomplish this week in practice in preparation for Saturday’s bowl game:

“Well, our number goal is to win this weekend.  We are going to do everything we can to work hard and prepare ourselves for this game and at the same time having fun with all the events we have going on here.  So far we are enjoying our time.”

On playing in Florida in front of the home town crowd:

“It definitely helps to have home field advantage.  It’s good to get the Nole fans that weren’t able to get up to Tallahassee that live in the Orlando area to get them in to a game.  It’s definitely going to help us out.”

On Florida State’s motivation to play a team they have never faced in school history:

“It’s time to make history.  It’s fun to prepare for a team we have never seen and it’s definitely different. But we are enjoying it.”

Budd Thacker, Junior, DT

On the Champs Sports Bowl being the final game of the season:

“It feels wonderful to be down here in Orlando, back home, my home is just down the road.  It’s good to see a bunch of my friends and family and they are going to come out and watch us play.  It’s a great feeling.”

On playing in a bowl game and being home for Christmas:

“It’s a good feeling.  I know a bunch of my family has said they will be here Christmas morning.”

On the advantage on playing in front of the home town crowd:

“It’s like a home game.  There is going to be a big advantage with the crowd on our side.  We just have to make sure they are nice and loud.”

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