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Seminoles Continue To Prepare For The Music City Bowl

Dec. 20, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.The Seminole football team practiced for 20 periods in full pads on Thursday. With just two more practices slated before breaking for Christmas, the squad continued to work versus Kentucky scout teams. Florida State will reconvene later this afternoon to have segment meetings and workout.



·         In skeleton drills Drew Weatherford connected on a couple passes to Chase Walker and one pass to Rod Owens, De’Cody Fagg and Burt Reed.

·         For the defense both Tony Carter and Patrick Robinson broke up passes.

·         In 11-on-11 in the red zone Weatherford connected on a TD with Fagg and also ran another in. Jamaal Edwards had a big run.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On wide receiver Rod Owens:

“He’s been fighting just to get playing time and I think when his opportunity came he took advantage of it so now you’re not afraid to use him going into this game.”


Wide Receiver Rod Owens

On practice:

“Practice has just been a track meet with the wide receivers because the depth chart is pretty thin. It’s just been a track meet–a lot of running. Anytime we’re off the field we have to get a lot of rest because we know we’re going to be doing the same thing everyday.”


On Kentucky:

“They’re a pretty good group, but I just think the only thing we have to do is do what we have to do and we’ll be good.”


On going home for Christmas:

“I’m just focused on practice right now. After Saturday I’ll probably be in that mood.”


Defensive End Everette Brown

On Kentucky:

“They’re a very good team, they’re a lot similar to teams we’ve played in the past. They like to pass the ball a lot. That’s their main thing. They’ve got a very good quarterback there and he makes everything go, so as a defense we’re going to have to get pressure on him, sack him, knock him around, get him rattled back there because he does make the offense run and he’s the most important key. At defense, we’ve got to make sure we get into the backfield and make havoc.”


On Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson:

“If he has time he can pick the defense apart, he can pick any defense apart and make the best through. He’ll beat you deep, he’ll beat you underneath. He reads defenses really well and if you give him time to park it, he’ll look like an All-American.”


On going home for the Holidays:

“Yeah it’s always good to go home. Especially me, I’m a very family-oriented person so it’s always good for me to go home and be with family for a couple of days and then they’ll be up in Nashville for the game.”

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