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Seminoles Continue To Prepare For UCLA At The Emerald Bowl

Dec. 24, 2006

Seminoles Visit ‘The Rock’


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – The Florida State football team practiced 18 periods in shells at Laney College in Oakland, Sunday morning in preparation for its December 27th meeting with UCLA in the 2006 Emerald Bowl.






Head Coach Bobby Bowden


(on having dinner with UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell Saturday night)

“It was typically a young coach and an old coach. He was very complimentary and setting you up for the kill.”


(on the team’s Christmas Day plans)

“We’ll have a Christmas supper together. We have something planned to eat. We’ll have a little service. Clint (Purvis) will lead us in a Christmas service at the hotel.


“I won’t talk to the team. Clint might want me to lead scripture or something like that. The Christmas story or something like that.


“We never leave until after Christmas now here we are the whole team together.”


(on Alcatraz)

“I don’t think I have ever visited something I have enjoyed as much. We have been to the Alamo. We have been to this and been to that. I don’t think I have been to one I wanted to see more than that doggone thing. It is so doggone unique.”


(on the players enjoyment at Alcatraz)

“It is amazing. When we first found out we were coming here I went to Dave (Hart) and said one place we got to visit is that Alcatraz. He said we are going to do that. I told the kids. I think they were really excited about that. It was a wonderful trip.”


(on UCLA’s defensive ends)

“They blitz a lot but those two defensive ends can put pressure on you by themselves. Yes they can. They remind you of Boulware and Wilson. Remember we had that pair.”


Brandon Warren


(on visiting Alcatraz)

“It was pretty interesting. This is my first time even being in California. I have heard all about it, the prison and stuff. Going out and being able to visit it was definitely an honor and privilege.”


Gary Cismesia


(on being away on Christmas Eve)

“This is the first time I haven’t been home for Christmas Eve. My parents aren’t here. It is completely different. I am not sure my parents are even celebrating Christmas without me there. It is a weird feeling to be here. You got all the Christmas music going but it doesn’t feel like Christmas.”


Xavier Lee


(on visiting Alcatraz)

Alcatraz was amazing. It was a very different experience. It was pretty neat.”


Drew Weatherford


(on Emerald Bowl preparations)

“I feel really good. We had really good practices in Tallahassee and since we have been out here. We are enjoying ourselves off the field but I think we have done a nice job of focusing and practicing hard out here in California. I feel really confident in our game plan.”


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