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Seminoles Fall To Duke In Quarterfinal Of ACC Championship

April 23, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – In the quarterfinals of the ACC Championship, the No. 7 seed Florida State fell to the No. 2 seed Duke 4-0. This is the first time in five years that the Seminoles have failed to reach the semifinals of the ACC Championship. The Seminoles are now 14-9 this season and 7-6 in the ACC.

The Blue Devils were able to win the first three points of the match quickly but the Seminoles caused problems for Duke making them fight until the very end. Connor Smith (Tampa, Fla.) and Vahid Mirzadeh (Wellington, Fla.) all forced third sets while Clint Bowles (Tampa, Fla.) won his first set and was leading in the second.

“I think they way out played us,” said head coach Dwayne Hultquist. “I think we caught them on a day when we had a good chance on Sunday to win. They were the better team. Although it was 4-0, Clint was about to win to make it 4-1. Their No. 1 player Henrique Cunha has made a huge difference in their team. He’s had a great year and I think there’s a pretty good chance to be National Freshman of the Year if not Player of the Year.”

Anderson Reed (Daphne, Ala.) lost his first set but came back strong to win the second set against Luke Marchese on court six 6-2. Anderson continued to battle hard, pushing the Blue Devils to the limit but fell 6-3.

“I thought we had a little momentum there,” continued Hultquist. “We could have kind of laid down and lost pretty quickly but Connor and Anderson fought back and Clint won a tough first set all at the same time. It put us in a position with Vahid already winning that we were going to be in the running.”

In doubles play, Duke took a quick lead winning on courts one and three. The No. 1 duo of Cunha and Carleton defeated the No. 37 tandem of Mirzadeh and Smith 8-2. Duke’s team of Wietoska and Michel won 8-4 over the freshmen doubles team of Reed and Jordan Kelly-Houston (Christchurch, New Zealand) 8-4.

Up next for the Seminoles is the NCAA tournament which is announced on May 4th. Check back on Seminoles.com or theNCAA.com.

No. 17 Duke 4 VS. No. 28 Florida State 0

1) No. 1 Cunha/Carleton (DUKE) def. No. 37 Smith/Mirzadeh (FSU) 8-2
2) No. 38 Aubone/Bowles (FSU) vs. No. 77 Arnould/Holland (DUKE) DNF
3) Wietoska/Michel (DUKE) def. Reed/Kelly-Houston (FSU) 8-4
Order of finish: 3, 1*

1) No. 7 Henrique Cunha (DUKE) def. No. 25 Jean-Yves Aubone (FSU) 6-0, 6-3
2) No. 57 Vahid Mirzadeh (FSU) vs. No. 76 Reid Carleton (DUKE) DNF
3) No. 72 Clint Bowles (FSU) vs. No. 105 Dylan Arnould (DUKE) DNF
4) Torsten Wietoska (DUKE) def. Jordan Kelly-Houston (FSU) 6-1, 6-1
5) Connor Smith (FSU) vs. Jared Pinsky (DUKE) DNF
6) Luke Marchese (DUKE) def. Anderson Reed (FSU) 6-4, 2-6, 6-3
Order of finish: 1, 4, 6*

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