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Seminoles Finish Boston College Practices Thursday Afternoon

Nov. 13, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Two seasons ago Boston College spoiled the debut of Florida State’s ‘Unconquered’ uniforms. Last season FSU spoiled BC’s dream season when the Seminoles went into Chestnut Hill and upset the second-ranked Eagles. What will this year’s match-up hold? Most of the nation will watch the storylines unfold live as ABC will broadcast the game throughout the entire eastern part of the nation and also on the west coast Saturday at 8:00 p.m. The Seminoles wrapped up preparations for the game Thursday afternoon.  



Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

On practice this week:

“Today was one of our best’s practices we have had. It started off slow; but the players got going and picked it up. Even off the field with substitutions, the players knew what they were doing. I was very pleased with the practice today.”


 If he had to keep the players focused:

“They seem to have done a great job. They came to play ball and it seemed to be a normal practice.”


On Boston College’s tackles:

“They make a big impact. Usually big players just push you in, but these guys have quickness. They can get on the edge, move and slant them a lot. They have changed the line of scrimmage and pushed it back. They are very physical and it is going to be a heck of a challenge.”


How has Boston College produced 18 interceptions this season:

“It is all about patience. They do a good job with underneath coverage. They do a great job of just playing what they do, rerouting and playing with their eyes. They are well coached.”


On Jermaine Thompson:

“He is good. I was worried about him, but he was running around today just fine.”


Quarterback Christian Ponder

On this week’s preparations:

“It was a pretty good week. I thought especially today was really good.  Probably our best Thursday practice all year. With all the distractions going on, we came out and had our minds focused. We did well.”


On Boston College’s defense:

“They are a lot like Colorado. We are going to have to be patient and really take what they give us; take check downs and let the back get in space and make some plays. Definitely they are going to try our patience and I have just got to sit back and take what they give us.” 


What worries you most about Boston College’s defense?

“They are very disciplined. They don’t get out of position a lot. They are really going to try us and make sure we execute everything we have to do. It’s going to be about every little detail. We are going to have to do it and execute well.” 


How will Boston College’s defense line disrupt Florida State’s running attack?

“I don’t think it’s going to change anything. They’ve got some big guys up there and they are doing really well. We’ve got a great offensive line and hopefully they should handle it.” 


Is the pressure on this team increasing?

“Not really. I don’t think we are really thinking about that. We are just going one week at a time. We are treating this just like a normal game. We are not really worried about next week because if we don’t finish this week it’s not going to matter. Were really just going one game at a time and thinking about this week.” 


Linebacker Dakoda Watson

Do you expect Everette Brown to continue to play well?

“It just seems like it is automatic. It’s like a fire; once it’s get started going it just don’t stop. It gets better and better with Everette. He’s a heck of a player and I really respect him.”


On what homecoming means

“It means wearing the black uniforms. I really respect the black uniforms and I respect the Seminole Tribe. It’s really a tribute to them and I just wish we could wear them more than once a year.”


What are you focusing on against Boston College?

“Staying in our gaps and trying not to do anybody else’s assignments. Just stay on my assignments and everybody do their assignment and not try get too caught up in all the other motion and all the other stuff that’s going on.”



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