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Seminoles Get A Break From Two-A-Days And Spend 18 Periods In Full Pads

Dec. 16, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Following yesterday’s two-a-day and a hard practice today, the Seminole football team received some good news. The days of two practices are over for the week as the team will hit the fields just once a day for the next three days before breaking on Friday. The squad will reconvene in Orlando on Monday where they will hold an afternoon practice.





Head coach Bobby Bowden

On what Wisconsin does that concerns him:

“They are the opposite of Florida.  Florida spreads all over the field, spreads the ball around to everybody.  Wisconsin is more a Boston College type team.  They line-up with seven men in the front with two big backs and pound the ball.  One of your big concerns is if you can get the ball back.  They get it, sit on it and eat up a lot of time with it.”


On the team looking to earn their ninth win of the season:

“Well, you would like to win the game period.  Whether it’s eight, nine, ten or seven, you just like to win a bowl game.  It sends you out in the spring with a little motivation, a little enthusiasm.  It’s always good because you have to wait so long for the next game.”


On Andrew Datko being named a Freshman All-American:

“That’s good.  It’s pretty dag gum hard (for a freshman left tackle to come in and play).  It’s very difficult especially at that position.  But he has really been a plus for us.  Amazing!”


WR Bert Reed

On getting back to practicing

“The coaches are really pushing us and all of the guys have the right attitude about this game coming up and what we have to do to get better for this game.  We’re treating this like a spring practice by working hard and trying to get better.”


On the Wisconsin defense

“Being able to block those guys is going to be a tough job for us slot guys and the guys out wide.  The coaches are trying to get us in space and we feel like we can do some things in space, but they have some really good players especially their linebackers.  If we stick to our fundamentals and do what we’re supposed to do we’ll be alright.”


On the offense during bowl practice

“The coaches are putting a lot of emphasis on throwing and catching the ball.  We haven’t been doing as well lately as [Coach Dawsey] wants us to.  We’re coming out here trying to be really detailed oriented and do what we have to do.”


On sending the seniors out with a win

“It means a lot especially for the seniors.  I just want to send them out with a nine win season, something we haven’t done in a long time so it’s a big game for those guys.”


OL Andrew Datko

On being named a freshman All-American

“It comes from me listening to coach Trickett.  He said if you listen to me and do all of the things I tell you then the awards will come up for you, so I just try to listen to him and try as hard as I can in practice and at the games and I guess it worked out.  Now I just have to keep doing that for future honors.”


On what coach Trickett told him to work on

“All of the footwork and technique.  He says do my technique because I’m not one of those big 300 pound guys so I have to use my technique to beat these guys.  [Coach Trickett] says to follow these steps and you’ll be a great player so I’m continuing to do that and it’s really helped me.”



LB Dekoda Watson

On the linebackers focus against Wisconsin

“Everybody knows their offensive line and running backs are huge and that means our attacks are going to have to be a lot harder and more aggressive.  We have to be ready to take on blockers and make sure we tackle because arm tackles are not going to be able to take [P.J. Hill] down.  He’s 240 pounds, he weighs more than I do so we need to go out there and be focused on what we have to do.  We have to gang tackle and take on our blockers and just be disciplined.”


On being one-on-one with the running back

“That’s old-time football, that’s the way football started.  They’re an old-school football team and I bet that they’re going to come out the first couple of plays to see where we stand.  They’re going to come out and try to run over us to see what we’ve got and from there on out they’ll see if they want to run or pass.  It’s going to be like a respect factor between Wisconsin and Florida State.”


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