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Seminoles Get Back To Work Turning Their Focus To Colorado

Sept. 10, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.Florida State got back to work following its win over UAB Saturday. The Seminoles spent 10 periods working out in helmets and shorts on the turf field. The practice started with honor roll and then agilities. After a few periods of kick-off return and coverage, the rest of practice was spent working versus scout teams. FSU is preparing for its first ever trip to Boulder, CO to play the Buffaloes.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

“Antone (Smith) was out there tonight, practiced.  That was a good sign.  We came out of that game pretty good as far as injuries were concerned.  I wish we could get some of the other guys back that have been out.  Such as (Matt) and some of those guys back. They do look better.” 

On Keeping Antone Out Of Practice
“Yes.  We can’t afford to have somebody pop him in the head.  If we had to, that’s (trainer) Randy (Oravetz’s) call and he could say no. I would think if we were playing today he could play.  Unless something comes up – some kind of a delayed deal (he is expected to play).” 
Will Jamaal Edwards get more playing time against Colorado?
“You would sure like to.  You would hate to think you are going to go all year with one tailback back there.  You’d like to get those guys in there and if they can produce that would be good because he (Antone) can rest.  They’ve got to produce though.”
How is Russell Ball feeling?
“He’s been out – if he doesn’t get hurt this week in practice he should be okay.  He has missed so much practice time – how sharp he’d be I don’t know. I wish he could stay healthy because the kids got a little stuff.”
How’s Mickey Andrews feeling?
“Mickey’s probably doing better.  I don’t expect him back tomorrow and don’t know if he’ll even get back this week.  But he might.  He did feel better.  He’s going to have to listen to his doctor whether he wants to or not.  I didn’t talk to him today but some other folks did.  We have to plan like he’s not going to be there (Saturday) and if we get him it will be a bonus. I think it would enable (Terrell Buckley) to help a little bit more under the circumstances. 
Running back Antone Smith
“I felt pretty good today, feel pretty good, not bad for a first day.  I’m luckier than everybody thought I was.  They said I was paralyzed or my neck was broken or something like that.  I feel pretty good right now.  I’m just a little sore – head and neck – but overall I feel pretty good for what happened Saturday.  There is no chance at all (that I won’t play Saturday).  They will observe me slowly but surely.  They were looking at me pretty hard out here today.  I feel pretty good like I said.   I’m not dizzy or anything; I’m not droopy-eyed or anything, looking dizzy.  I am feeling food for right now.  I don’t know how I am going to feel tonight.  Right now I am feeling pretty good.  If I had to go through practice I probably wouldn’t go through any contact right now.  I think it is too sudden right now being that there was a little head trauma.  For right now I am feeling pretty good like I said.  I don’t know what they are going to do for me during the week as far as contact.”


Wide receiver Preston Parker

On coming into his role as a punt returner:

“I’m adapting pretty well right now. Once you get a lot of punt returns you get used to it; you start to learn all the tricks and tips on how to break one. I’m just trying to learn all the tricks and tips right now. I think I’ve got a trick, I’m just trying to get the tips to get into the end zone.”


What’s the trick?

“The trick is you’ve got hit the seam. Make somebody miss, hit the seam and you’ve got to finish from there.”


On the progression of the offense:

“I think we’ve made a lot of progression, especially from the first half (at Clemson), making the mental mistakes that we did. The second game we stepped it up a little bit but felt that we didn’t execute enough, but we’ve just got to keep going and we’ll get it.”


Linebacker Derek Nicholson:

On not having defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews at the UAB game:

“It was a little different. He’s been around ever since I’ve been here, every practice, every game and it just felt different. You have to continue to pray for him and his family. He’s got to worry about his health right now and just get better. That’s more important than football, his health.”


On the difference he would make being at the Colorado game:

“Having Mickey around is a big difference. He’s our defensive coordinator, he’s our leader. He’s one of the big reason why I came here out of high school was Mickey Andrews. He recruited me, he came to my house and I really respect him and look up to him. Having him there at the game is a big boost and is very important, but his health is more key than football right now.”


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