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Seminoles Go For 22 Periods As Their Date With Alabama Nears

Sept. 25, 2007

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    Tallahassee, Fla.The excitement for Saturday’s River City Showdown is growing throughout the south but the Seminole football coaches are trying to keep the team focused on facing a top 25 Alabama team. The Seminoles (2-1) and Crimson Tide (3-1) have not played in over 30 years and this will be FSU’s first game versus a ranked opponent in 2007. With everything going on outside of the game, the FSU football team was back on the practice fields Tuesday going for 22 periods in uppers.






    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    Opening statement:

    “Well we had a better practice today then I thought we did yesterday, thought we threw the ball better and we caught it better. Alabama is a big blitzing team. I mean they’ll blitz you to death, so we worked real hard on trying to pick up that dadgum blitz. It was a pretty good practice. Great Saturday, I want to have a great one Saturday.”


    On how the team needs to get together:

    “To me, we haven’t put it together, now I think when we put it together we play pretty dadgum good. But we really haven’t come together. Now what you have to hope is to get better every Saturday. You hate to think this is as good as we’re gonna get.”


    On Alabama:

    “Just a real solid football team, got good speed and some good athletes. They execute real good and don’t turn that ball over but very little. This game Saturday could be decided by turnovers.”


    On playing a neutral site:

    “That’s home field for us. We’ve played in Jacksonville a lot and we like to play in Jacksonville and we’ve been very successful over there. I’m glad we’re getting to play there.”


    RB Antone Smith:

    On the Alabama game:

    “It’s just a chance to show the world what this team could do and what I could do. Use my durability and let the coaches give me the ball and show what I can do best.”


    How the team has been preparing for the blitzing:

    “We’ve been working on that since week one. We know the guys are going to blitz but I’m a small back, I’m gonna cut them down. I got to do what I’ve got to do to make the team better. They don’t do anything too different, they’re athletic guys, they come when they come. They are going to try to knock you down, they are going to try to overpower you but oh well, you gotta be ballplayers out there.”


    DE Alex Boston:

    On how the team is not letting Alabama distract them:

    “The only thing you can do is concentrate on you getting better and let the game take care of itself for the most part. But Saturday will be here before you know it and then that is when you can worry about Alabama for the most part.”


    On playing in Jacksonville:

    Jacksonville is like our second home. If I’m not mistaken for the past few we are probably 2 or 3 and 0 over there so hopefully when can come back at least 3 or 4 and 0 this upcoming Saturday.”

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