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Seminoles Have Just Two Days To Prepare For Defending Champs

Oct. 8, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.Football coaches never like a short week especially when the defending conference champions are the ones sitting there at the end of the week. That is what the 21st-ranked Seminoles are facing though. FSU got the first of its two full practices in on Monday. The team went 22 periods as they started to install the game plan for a very difficult Demon Deacon squad.





Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On the Wake Forest loss and who has it stuck in their mind:

“Offense, how about defense, all of them. I hope kickers and defense and offense, all of them stuck in their mind, they only got 30 points. That was the worst part about the season right there, 30-0, every other game you could have won. I never talk revenge, that don’t work, that don’t work. You go out tell them I’m gonna revenge, heck you better whip them, that’s what you better do. Revenge, payback and all that stuff is out the window.”


On getting better in the running game:

“Just gotta keep blocking, got to block better. And getting penalties, what we get, 120 something yards total. We had about 70 called back. Wouldn’t have been bad, penalties killed us.”


On the changes made after last years loss:

“Well we made a lot of changes after that, no doubt about that. Dadgumit, I can’t think of anything positive about it. You learn, you learn more from losses then you do wins, no doubt about that. Even if it’s 7-6 you learn more from it.”


On what they need to do to defeat Wake Forest:

“They’re a team that don’t beat themselves. As you watch them, they are a team that their statistics are not high anyway. Running, passing, total offense, total defense, kick, they are just kind of middle of the nation, but they find a way to win. They intercept passes for a touchdowns return a punt for a touchdown. They find a way to win. That’s the thing when you play them, you can’t beat yourself. Now that’s what we did a lot of ourselves last year was beat ourselves. It’s going to be a lot of it not during that ball over, not making any bad decisions.”


QB Xavier Lee:

On last season’s Wake Forest game on his mind:

“It’s just stuck in my mind pretty good but I’ve been trying to do my best to forget it. This week I’m working hard, extra hard, just to learn from my mistakes and to go with the game plan that he have set.”


On the quick turnaround:

“It’s tough, we just gotta come do extra, focus a lot more because of the short week but we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.”


On the Wake Forest game being the worst home loss:

“They embarrassed us in front of our home crowd on national TV, they beat us pretty solid. They were a good team last year, they’re still a good team this year, but we’ve just got to come in focused and just minimize our mistakes and I think if we do what we have to do we’ll be okay. I believe if we play up to our potential, whatever happens, happens. It’s gonna be good regardless.”


On what changed after that loss:

“Everyone was kind of down in the dumps, we really under estimated Wake and they came in here in our own house and embarrassed us. You can be sure that we do not under estimate them at all. They helped us change as a group. We kind of went together and said regardless of who we playing we’ve got to stick together.”


CB Tony Carter:

On last year’s game against Wake Forest:

“Last year they came out and beat us in our house. Felt like they came out ready to play and we weren’t ready to play. They won the ACC Championship, here at Florida State, we feel like that is our title. That’s going to be in the back of our minds when we go up there Thursday night.”


On having to prepare in a short week:

“It’s really tough. You have to be ready mentally, a lot more mentally then physically because this team does a lot of misdirection off countering type plays. They have a lot of speed on the outside. They just do a lot of smart things. It’s a pretty smart school, they do a lot of smart things, we just have to be ready mentally and every player has to do their thing.”

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