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Seminoles Hold Media Day For Men’s Basketball

Oct. 12, 2001

Head coach Steve Robinson and the Florida State men’s basketball team held its annual media day Friday. Robinson addressed the media with his thoughts of the upcoming 2001-02 season and the players were available for media interviews.

Read part of what Robinson had to say and check back over the weekend for more highlights from media day.

Head Coach Steve Robinson

“I think we have a good mix of players. I think all of our players have good athleticism, a high skill level and experience. I think we have a great potential for depth. All of those things are very important to the formation of our basketball team.

“How will our team execute our game plan? Do we have the ability to persevere? Those are some of the questions we have to answer. I think basketball is a long season and you have to hustle and work extremely hard from start to finish to enjoy a good season. I think our ability to stay healthy is also important. On that note, I will let you now that yesterday, during a pickup game, Delvon Arrington suffered a sprain or a cut on his finger. He is wearing a splint on his left hand on his index finger. He may be limited during the first day of practice. Also, Trevor Harvey is still recovering from hernia surgery, so he will be limited as well.

I like where we sit right now. I am excited about coming into the basketball season with the players we have in the program. I think they are going to work hard and I know we are going to play hard. We just have to continue to grow as a team. I also think that each and every one of our players is eager to get out on the floor and play. They are all very eager to have a chance at being successful. The have to understand that the big prize is playing hard and playing your best basketball every game.”

How important was the signing of Anthony Richardson to your program?

“I think the fact that we were able to sign a McDonald’s All-America was big for us. I think we have been fortunate in the last two years to get two young men out of the state of North Carolina who are potentially the best players in that state. That’s a pretty big-time hotbed for college basketball players. I don’t think we will quite understand the impact that Anthony Richardson will have on our program just from a signing standpoint. I think we will realize his worth in the future. Not only from him scoring baskets on the court but with the general perception of Florida State basketball.”

Talk about Anthony Richardson’s perseverance to put him in position to play this season

“Some people wrote Anthony Richardson off and said that he would not have a chance to play in a Florida State uniform. I have said, and stuck by my guns, that Anthony’s was going to be a decision that wasn’t going to be made until the end of the summer. Certainly his enrolling in school didn’t happen until the end of the summer and he put himself in such a ballpark that he could be considered for an appeal. The NCAA agreed and allowed him to be eligible to play. But, a great deal of credit goes to Anthony. He continued to try and continued to persevere. You can keep pushing ahead as long as you can or you can give in. Our guys and our team have learned that.”

What have you heard about Anthony from preseason practice?

“Our players like his game. They believe he is a pretty talented young man. I don’t want us to think that Anthony, by himself, is the savior for the Florida State basketball team. He can’t and won’t carry this basketball team by himself. If we are going to have success, it’s going to be because of the five guys on the floor and the ten guys in the bench. All of our players are going to play a role on the success of this team. Anthony is a talented player. I also believe he can’t do it by himself because he is a freshman and he is going to make a lot of mistakes.”

When will you get Trevor Harvey back?

“He has already started riding the exercise bike only a week after his surgery. I think it could be another couple of weeks before they release him. I hope that is on the far side of the diagnosis. We have to take it a little slow. Trevor, though, has displayed toughness during this process. He had surgery on Thursday and his was moving around rather easily on Friday. I’m hoping that’s a sign of his toughness and his ability not to want to lie down and sit still. He wants to get better and he wants to get out on the court as soon as possible. I think it will be helpful to Trevor to listen and watch our players while he is out.

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