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Seminoles Lose Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin For Season

Aug. 20, 2001

Florida State University wide receiver/quarterback Anquan Boldin learned Monday that an MRI performed on his injured left knee reveled a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. Boldin will miss the entire season, but has not redshirted and should return next year as a junior.

“Right now I am very disappointed,” said Boldin prior to the beginning of Monday evening’s practice. “All things happen for a reason and God has a plan and a purpose for this right now. The best thing for me is to try and keep my spirits up and to try to find out what that plan is. I was able to walk on it and bend my knee when it happened. This is the last thing I wanted to hear. Like I said, it happened and God has a plan for everything, now is for me to find out that plan.

“I haven’t had a chance to talk to Robert Morgan yet. I’ve talked to him the last couple of days trying to keep his spirits up. I guess I have to do the same thing for me right now. I really just wanted to be there for the team this year. I was looking forward to having a big season this year but unfortunately this injury came about and that’s not going to happen.”

Head coach Bobby Bowden spoke about the season-ending injury to Boldin after Monday night’s practice.

“I’m sure you all heard about Anquan. He has to have his knee operated on and he is out for the season,” said Bowden. “It’s part of football and there is no answer to it. It’s two veterans with Robert (Morgan) and this team doesn’t have a lot of veterans that have played. You lose one veteran receiver and you lose another veteran receiver. It’s hard to replace, but somebody will just have to step up.

“Auquan was probably our biggest play-maker,” continued Bowden. “That’s one reason we moved him back to wide receiver was because he could make some plays. Now we have to wait and see if somebody else will be able to step up in that role. I hated to hear it. I hate to hear it when any of them go down. After losing Robert, you say that’s maybe our bad luck for the year. But then all of a sudden here comes another one. We all hate it and I know the kids hated it. We’ll redshirt him and he’ll get two more years. Maybe some good will come out if it.

“We’ve still got receivers other than Atrews (Bell), Talman (Gardner) and (Javon) Walker – those guys have played and it’s not like they have never been out there before. Then you have some young ones who are going to have to contribute.”

The team continued two-a-day practices in preparation for its Sept. 1 season opener against Duke. The team practiced in full pads for 24 periods during the morning session and in shells (helmets and shoulder pads) for 18 periods during the evening session.

“This morning’s practice was much better than Thursday’s,” said Bowden. “Today the kids got through the practice good. I know it wasn’t as hot but at least they got through it good.

The morning practice saw the return of wide receivers Atrews Bell, Talmon Gardner and P.K. Sam who had all been sidelined with hamstring pulls. With the injuries to receivers Robert Morgan and Anquan Boldin, the Seminoles have been thin at the receiving position.

The second practice saw a concentration on special teams play early on and 11 on 11 drills in the final four periods to close out the session.

“I thought we had two good practices today,” said Bowden. “I’m sure a lot of it was because of the weather. The temperature was about as hot as it was last week but the humidity was not there. That made the difference in the way the kids practiced.”

The team was treated to the return of two Seminole All-Americas to practice today. Deion Sanders and Jamie Dukes spent the both practices with the Seminoles on the practice field. Sanders, an All-American in 1986, 1987 and 1988, is recognized to have revolutionized the cornerback position during his football career. He recently retired from professional football after an All-Pro career with the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49’ers, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. Dukes was an All-American offensive lineman in 1985. He enjoyed an 11-year career in the NFL with the Falcons, Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals.

“It was good to have Deion and Jamie Dukes at practice today,” said Bowden. “They really pep the kids up. I am going to try to work something out to have them talk to our team.”

INJURIES: Anquan Boldin (torn anterior cruciate ligament/left knee), Ray Piquion (shoulder separation/right), Chris Woods (ankle sprain/left), Blake Williams (ankle spring/right), Matt Henshaw (left hip flexor/abdominal strain).

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