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Seminoles’ Mims Is Half Of A Double-Edged Sword

Feb. 14, 2007

Playing in his third season with the Seminoles, Ralph Mims gives Florida State a boost with his strong play off the bench. The Seminoles’ “funny man,” who goes by “Mookie,” (that’s what his mother likes to call
him), is accustomed to his role, saying that coming off the bench helps him to “prepare for the game.”

“I can see what my job is and what I can do to spark the team and make a difference. I can see what is happening so that when I come in I can capitalize,” Mims added. “I love to be here and I love to be a Seminole.”

Coach Leonard Hamilton knows that he is solid at point guard with Toney Douglas and Mims, stating that Ralph, “goes in the game, then Toney comes in — it gives us a double edged sword. Both play hard and give us tremendous energy, it really helps the team to keep that kind of pace going defensively and offensively.”

Isaiah Swann knows what to expect when Mims steps on the court, saying, “He brings so much energy. He gets up on the point guard and he D’s up. He runs the team and can score the ball too, but he runs the team very well and he plays defense exceptionally well. When he gets in there we feed off him.”

When it comes to pre game rituals, Mims typically eats shrimp with ranch sauce, takes a long shower before the game to relax, and listens to up-tempo music to get him pumped up.

The stats do not lie — Ralph has improved each season, and this season has been his best by far. Entering Sunday’s game against Duke, Mims has achieved career highs in points per game (5.0), assists per game
(2.4), rebounds per game (2.2) , steals per game (1.0) , minutes per game (18.0) and continues to be one of the Seminoles top free throw shooters at 78.9 percent.

Ralph has contributed to many memorable moments as a Seminole, but the win over Florida State’s rival, the University of Florida, in December of this season stuck out in his mind.

He recalled, “It was a big rivalry game against the defending champions. We came out to play with the home atmosphere; we played our hearts out and came away with the victory.”

Like many of his generation Ralph’s favorite player growing up was Michael Jordan.

“Just like every kid growing up I liked Michael Jordan,” Mims said. “Now I like Kobe Bryant’s style of play and the way he handles himself out on the court.”

But on the court, Mims plays with a different style.

“I like to model my game after Chauncey Billups or Andre Miller; they are both big guards that carry themselves well,” Mims said.

Before arriving in Tallahassee, Ralph had been wearing the number 20 during his entire high school career. Here at Florida State, however, Andrew Wilson already had that number, and Mims was forced to
choose another number.

“Ten is my mother’s favorite number and my cousin wore that number during college and high school so I went with 10,” he explained.

The adjustment from high school to college basketball was made easier for Ralph because of the instant connection that he made with current teammate Isaiah Swann, a fellow junior. When asked about their relationship, Mims said that he and Swann, “have a good vibe between each other and can talk about anything. We came in at the same time, we’ve been with each other for three years through the thick and thin, it makes our friendship even better.”
Isaiah feels the same way about Mims, saying that they have, “been through it all. We’ve been through the hard times, we’ve been through the good times — we played through it and we’re juniors! It’s a good feeling knowing that me, Ralph (Mims) and Jason (Rich) are going to leave together, we’re pretty much joined at the hip.”

On the court, Ralph is a relentless competitor, but occasionally he likes to keep it light, earning his “funny man” reputation.

“Sometimes we have moments where you need to laugh, I crack a joke here and there just to calm everybody down,” Mims said.

By Michael Kudlacik
FSU Sports Information
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