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Seminoles Put Final Touch On Preparations For Colorado

Sept. 13, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.Florida State wrapped up its preparations for Saturday night’s game versus Colorado (1-1) with a 15 period practice in shorts. After opening the session working on special teams, the offense moved into Doak Campbell Stadium for all 15 periods to practice versus the scout team with crowd noise piped in. The Seminoles will fly to Boulder, CO tomorrow and take on the Buffaloes Saturday night at 10:00 p.m. EST. The game will be broadcast nationally by ESPN.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

Opening statement:

“Lightning got us yesterday, lightning got us yesterday, we missed yesterday afternoon’s practice. Didn’t get us today, thank goodness, think we can’t stand two of them in a row. I guess we’re about as prepared as we can be.”


On Mickey Andrews return to practice:

“Mickey was out there today and he went up on the tower where he can stay inactive and just watch. It’s good just to have him up there.”


On finally having a semi-normal week before a game:

“Well, you need it, need every practice, you can’t hardly afford to waste practice, we really have been unlucky on that so far this season. Seems like we’ve missed four days before the Clemson game. Thank goodness we didn’t miss any last week, we couldn’t practice but twice. Got us one time this week.”


On the late start time:

“We’ll just do what we would do here. Sit around with the kids and watch football games all day and go to their meals and everything. It will just be late. I don’t think any of them are gonna have a problem staying up `til ten. They probably would like to kick off at two.”


On what FSU needs to do to be successful:

“We need to execute offensively, just execute. If we could just execute, don’t get the penalties, don’t get the MA’s, don’t get the missed assignments, don’t get the bad penalties, just execute. We should get better with that week, by week, by week. They (Colorado) remind me a little bit of UCLA, us playing UCLA last year. Same type of thing, you don’t know any of their kids, they don’t know you. Their team is similar in a lot of ways.”


DE Neefy Moffett:

On the high altitude of Colorado:

“It’s just another thing we have to fight through, there’s no way we can prepare for it way down here. We just have to fight through it and play hard.”


On Colorado‘s starting quarterback:

“He’s a very young quarterback, he’s a redshirt freshman. We just have to pressure him and get him out of a groove. We can’t let him get in a groove. We just have to keep him running and we’ll do all right.”


RB Antone Smith:

On anticipating the first hit after last week’s concussion:

“I’m not nervous, if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. It’s something I can’t control.”


On getting an explosive start:

“That is the thing we’ve been preaching all week. Basically coming out there the first play and going after the defense and that’s basically what we’ve been doing all the last two games been coming out of the second half coming after people. This week we’re gonna try starting it up at the start of the game hoping to have a better turn out.”

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