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Seminoles Return To Practice In Full Pads For 18 Periods Tuesday

Dec. 18, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.The Seminoles reported to work early this morning as the team began filing into the Moore Athletic Center for an early practice. FSU’s football team took to the practice fields at 10:00 a.m. and had an 18 period practice in full pads. There are only five more practices scheduled before the squad will break for the holidays.



QB Drew Weatherford

On still trying to move past the last game of the season:

“We’re really just trying to forget about it. Trying to correct the mistakes that we made in that ball game and just focus on Kentucky and what we have to do be successful against them.”


On Jimbo Fisher planning to stay in Tallahassee:

“I think that was a big relief to everybody, not only to the players but to the fans and having an understanding of where this program is going and the direction that it is going in.”


On what Kentucky does well:

“They do a lot of things really well. They’re pretty simple in what they do but they are very disciplined and they do it very well, they play hard every play. They have some good defensive linemen and linebackers that are going to give us problems up front and their secondary is very talented as well, so we’re going to have to go out there and play a very good game and execute very consistently in order to win.”


On what other teams the Seminoles have played this season that resemble Kentucky:

“They play similar coverages to a lot of the teams we’ve played like Boston College. They’re really fundamentally sound like Boston College is also, so that’s probably one of the teams I would compare them to.”


On the impact a bowl win would have on next season:

“Of course, you know we’re really just trying to look at this game, but you can’t help but realize that a win in this ball game will help lead us into the off season and into next year on a good note–that’s what we’re fighting for.”


On playing in a Kentucky-dominated atmosphere in Nashville:

“It can’t be any worse than where we’ve been this year, we’ve been to Clemson, Florida and Virginia Tech so we’re prepared in that respect and we’re just excited to get out there and go at it.”


On the keys to beating Kentucky in the Music City Bowl:

“The same keys that there always are, just not turning over the ball. They have a very good offense, so either way we’re going to have to win the turnover battle and the field position battle is going to be huge–we can’t give them a short field. The great quarterback that they have, [Andre] Woodson, we can’t give him a shorter field to work with.”


On Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson:

“I haven’t watched any film on him but I’ve seen a couple games throughout the year and I’ve seen highlights. He’s just a big guy, he’s got a big arm and makes really good decisions. He’s got a bunch of good receivers out there that he throws the ball to.”


Tony Carter

On facing Andre Woodson:

“We’ve played a lot of good quarterbacks this year–Matt Ryan, Tim Tebow, now Andre Woodson, three guys who were all Heisman frontrunners at one point. So we just have to take a similar approach to that, work hard and you can’t make many mistakes. Against a guy like Woodson, if you make one mistake then he’ll beat you deep for sure.”


On facing a more pro-style quarterback versus a more mobile quarterback:

“A guy that can run hurts a defense like ours because we’re so fast and aggressive, so when you take fast and aggressive and put it versus fast and aggressive, it kind of bites you at times. So a pro-style quarterback kind of slows the game down a little bit, but he can beat you on more passing than rushing.”


On Kentucky‘s WRs Keenan Burton and Steve Johnson:

“They’re very athletic, both of them can run, jump, catch. Basically what you have to do is just be consistent on every play. You can’t take a play off because on any given time you could get beat.”

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