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Seminoles Serve Up Eclectic Mix of Music

Nov. 6, 2013

By Layne Herdt (@LayneHerdt)

The walkup song is a long standing tradition in baseball. Choosing a special song helps share the personality of a player, and at Florida State the tradition is no longer limited to the diamond.

They’re called serve songs and the Seminole volleyball teams picked up the idea on the a recent road trip.

“We saw it at Notre Dame,” redshirt freshman Leah Mikesky said. “We thought it was really cool and it works.”

“We played Notre Dame about two weeks ago and they had the serve songs playing before they went back to serve,” freshman setter Hailey Luke said. “We thought it was a pretty creative idea and wanted to incorporate them into our games as well.”

Certainly a great idea, but the art of picking the right song turned out to be quite the process.

“We kept getting texts asking what songs we wanted and what songs we were thinking of,” sophomore outside hitter Nicole Walch said. “I think once it all finally got together it was really fun to do.”

“We had a lot of fun,” redshirt freshman middle blocker Sarah Burrington said. “We were listening to songs here and there in the locker room trying to figure out what was the best one for everyone.

Some players had past history with their choice.

“Growing up everyone always made references to my last name which is Luke,” Luke said. “Luke Skywalker, I am your father, that kind of stuff so I just thought Star Wars was a creative song to go with.”

Some like a catchy tune.

“Mambo #5 is a really upbeat song,” Burrington said. “I think the tune has some pizzazz and Lou Bega sounds awesome as always.”

Some still don’t fully understand their selection.

“Well, there’s no big special reason I chose What Does the Fox say,” Mikesky said. “I think it’s funny, I laugh every single time I hear it.”

And others are quite passionate about their song.

“I chose The Best Song Ever because it’s the best song ever, duh,” said Walch. “I love it, I love One Direction, I love Harry Styles. It just puts me in the mood when I go back their to get an ace.”

Regardless the reasons, all of the players enjoy hearing their tune blaring from the speakers when they head back to the service line.

“I did notice the song,” Luke said. “The very first time I went back to serve when they were first starting it I heard it and it just kind of made me laugh. It gets you relaxed when you’re going back to serve.”

“Yeah I hear it,” Burrington said. “It always makes me smile and it kind of helps me relax before I serve.”

The girls all have their favorites from their teammates as well.

Sarah Wickstrom’s song (Bad Girls by M.I.A.) is probably my favorite,” Luke said.

“One of my favorites is Katie Mosher’s All Star by Smash Mouth,” Burrington said. “That’s always a good song.”

And as long as the Seminoles keep serving up aces, this tradition will continue to play on in Tully gym.

Check out the Florida State volleyball serve song play list.

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