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Seminoles Start Their Prep For Clemson With A 22-Period Practice On Tuesday

Aug. 28, 2007

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  • After eight months, FSU’s new coaches finally opened up a week of practice with their focus on an opponent. The Seminoles practiced 22 periods in full pads on Monday and most of the practice was spent working against Clemson scout teams. The team will return to practice on Wednesday before attending Seminole Uprising, which will be carried live on ESPN.



    • Practice opened up with extensive work on special teams. In field goal, Gary Cismesia was a perfect 6-for-6.

    • The team followed field goal with punt/punt block and position group work. The quarterbacks worked with the receivers and running backs.

    • For the first time in 2007 the gold jerseys came out as both the offense and defense got work in versus the scout teams. The two units worked on inside drills versus scout and then the ones faced off versus one another. The two best highlights were solid runs turned in by Marcus Sims and Jamaal Edwards.

    • In 1-on-1 Patrick Robinson had a pass break-up. D’Vontrey Richardson hit Greg Carr, Xavier Lee connected with Rod Owens, who made a great grab and Drew Weatherford completed passes to Richard Goodman and Bert Reed.

    • After more scout team work the ones came together for 7-on-7. Weatherford completed passes to Goodman, Preston Parker and De’Cody Fagg. Lee hit Reed, Damon McDaniel and Carr. Mister Alexander had an interception and Michael Ray Garvin recorded a pass break-up.

    • In pass rush Caz Piurowski and David Overmyer won multiple battles. Daron Rose and Shannon Boatman also recorded wins. For the defense, Letroy Guion got to the QB three times, Andre Fluellen twice and Paul Griffin, Budd Thacker and Eli Charles also got past their blockers.

    • The scout team then worked versus the offense and defense in 11-on-11. Edwards had another nice run versus the scout team. Weatherford connected deep to Fagg and also hit Goodman deep on top of another completion to Fagg. Lee and McDaniel hooked-up on a deep ball and Carr made a great catch on a Lee pass. For the defense Tony Carter had a pick, J.R. Bryant broke up a pass and Toddrick Verdell had a huge tackle for loss.

    • After 11-on-11 versus scout, the ones came together in a pretty uneventful session. The biggest play was a deep TD pass from Weatherford to Fagg. Lee had a nice scramble. Defensively Griffin had a sack and Everette Brown had a near sack but forced the QB into a poor throw.

    • Each first unit got a crack against the second team in goal line. The first team defense allowed two TD’s. After Anthony Leon laid a huge hit on Antonio White, Letroy Guion and Benjamin Lampkin stopped Edwards short of a TD. On the next play Xavier Lee hit the tight end for a TD on a rollout and then Edwards plunged in around the outside. The first team offense went 2-for-4 also. The first snap resulted in a Weatherford to John Frady TD pass. Frady, FSU’s starting center last season, made a great catch along the side of the end zone and got one foot in for the score. On the next play Antonio White barreled in. Emmanuel Dunbar disrupted the next play with a great burst off the snap causing a fumble and then on the final play Edwards slipped before he could turn the corner.




    Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews
     (on the Clemson game last season)
    “We played fundamental football for thee and a half quarters.  In the fourth quarter, we had a defensive back who made a mistake, one of several, and I let the play calling get away from me a little bit trying to do some persuasive instruction trying to get him to do his job a little bit better and I didn’t get the call out quick enough to him.  The lined up, hurried up and ran a running play and ran what  — 50-something yards or whatever it was.  That was a coaching error.” 
    (How capable is this group of stopping the run?)
    “Up `till today, I thought we were good.  We didn’t play with enough effort, intensity and discipline today to be a good run defense.  We wanted to tap people; we wanted to tag people instead of put the helmet and pad on them.  That’s not a good sign.  We hadn’t hit anybody or done any work for two days now.  Since Saturday and that’s wasn’t much of a workout.  We ran them a little bit.  I’m a little disappointed in the way we came to work today.  We’ll have to be a lot better than that if we are going to be successful defensively against Clemson.  They let the weather get to them a little bit.  We had gone six periods and I looked over there and we had a safety in the tub over there cramping up because he didn’t eat lunch.  Cars don’t run without gas.  He didn’t put any gas in his tank.  He didn’t get any better today.  He didn’t work.  And there were three or four more.” 
    (On Clemson’s backfield – how difficult are they to defend?)
    “They’re probably as two a good a tandem of backs as there is in the country.  Davis is a guy that can run inside with authority, break tackles, can make cuts.  You don’t get over 1,000 yards rushing just being a power back.  You’ve got to break runs and you’ve got to make plays. Spiller runs inside because when he finds a seam he can just explode through it.  He catches the ball.  Both of them are pretty complete backs and they get involved in the running game and the passing game.  We’ll have our hands full with them.”
    Quarterback Xavier Lee

    “The decision came out last week and everyone knows I didn’t make it.  I’m going to still work hard like I have been and when I get my shot I am going to have to make the most of it.” 
    (How important to you is it that Coach Fisher plays multiple quarterbacks at times?)
    “That’s helps me a lot because at the same time when somebody is named the starter normally the back-up gets down or pretty much gives up and goes away to the wayside.  But I’m just going to stay focused every day, I going to try to learn, ask questions and do whatever I can so when the time dies come I will be prepared for it.” 
    (Did you feel you were behind in the race during camp?)
    “I got that that sense, but at the same time, I thought it was equal.  I thought I was doing pretty well.  I do know I made mistakes – that’s what practice is for – you make mistakes and you correct them.  For the most part I was a little bit surprised.” 
    (What do you want to get better at?)
    “My short throws and just more consistent on the underneath throws.  Everyone knows I can throw the long ball and I can hit barn from a mile a way.  But, at the same time, you have to work on your 10 yard throws.  I could make it rain out here if I wanted to.”
    (Are you getting good feedback from the coaches?)
    “Yea, yea.  I’ll ask him (Coach Fisher) what I need to do and what have I been doing wrong for him to make his decision.  He told me.   I just need to work on it and keep pressing day myself every day in and day out.” 
    (Are you expecting to play in the Clemson game?)
    “I’m preparing like I’m going to start.  I just hope Drew does well and we just come out one top that’s all that matters to me.  I care about this team more than myself.”


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