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Seminoles Wrap-Up Week Two Of Preseason With 11-On-11

Aug. 17, 2005

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    The second week of two-a-days officially came to a close on Wednesday and there were some tired players at the end of the evening session. Despite the fact that new head coach Mark Krikorian believes in practice sessions not going over 1 ½ hours, that doesn’t mean the energy, focus or intensity he asks for is any less than the highest standard. His players have given him that everyday out and now the idea of tomorrow’s eight hour bus trip doesn’t sound so bad. The long drive to Tennessee will give the team a chance to rest, watch some DVD’s and continue to bond like you only can when spending a full day on a bus together.


    Wednesday’s two-a-day closed with an 11-on-11 scrimmage as the coaching staff continued to look at how the team is integrating everything that has been thrown at them so far. It also served as an opportunity to mix and match some parts and keep tinkering with the line-up as the squad is just nine days away from taking the field against the 18th-ranked Trojans of USC. As tired as the players were, the energy level remained high and the team is still enjoying themselves everyday they are on the field.


    Check out the photos from today’s practices and a few select highlights from the training sessions. There will be another gallery up Thursday evening when the squad arrives in Knoxville to take on the 11th-ranked Lady Vols. Friday check back for a pre-match report followed by complete coverage of FSU’s final preseason test under the lights versus Tennessee.



    The coaching staff has begun the process of taking everything they have taught the group and use it in more game situations. They spent time today working on not just building an attack but turning that into goal scoring opportunities. Coach Krikorian’s number one priority though is getting his team’s defense in order and much of the evening session was spent on defensive shape with the back four and then also with the midfield players. The 1 ½ session did conclude with 11-v-11.



    • Sel Kuralay has had little trouble adjusting her game from the international level to college soccer and she and newcomer Mami Yamaguchi almost hooked up on a brilliant goal early on. Kuralay sent in a great ball behind the defense but it was just slightly ahead of Yamaguchi as Minna Pyykko made a great read on the ball and came up with the save before there was an opportunity to finish off the service.

    • Kelly Rowland continued her strong preseason. The team captain was once again solid in the back and has made a smooth transition into a leadership role of the young group. One of the junior’s highlights came on a nice clearing header at the near post off a dangerous endline cross.

    • Two returners got into the act as well. Sarah Rosseau put a great shot on goal off an attempted clearance of a corner kick but junior Ali Mims was there to come up with an impressive save.

    • The only goal came off a great cross by Holly Peltzer who has shown how much her game has progressed from her freshman year. The sophomore’s lofting cross to the backpost was put away for the scrimmage’s lone goal.

    • The session came to a close with one last chance for a tie when Toby Ranck made a dynamic run down the far sideline. The junior cut towards the top of the 18 and then sent a back pass to Ceci Shell. The two just missed linking up on one a very dangerous scoring opportunity.



    Coach Mark Krikorian

    Overall thoughts on today’s sessions

    “I think it was a good day. This group is a little fatigued right now and that is to be expected at this time of preseason. The good news is we have still been able to avoid injuries and no serious strains or pulls. That is good news. The players are starting to understand the concepts we are trying to get across to them. They are still working hard.”


    Coach Mark Krikorian

    On his impressions of his squad two weeks into preseason

    “We certainly have some very good pieces. Some of the returning players have really stepped up and helped us in a lot of ways on and off the field with their leadership qualities. Between the new players that have come in and the returners it is interesting to see as we start to jell together. We are starting to put together a starting 11 and figure out who we can use as substitutes. I think we have a pretty good group.”


    Coach Mark Krikorian

    On playing Monday and having enough time to use that scrimmage to prepare for the Lady Vols

    “We are going to make a couple of adjustments from the game on Monday. It is more just evaluative and trying to see what is the best system and getting the players in the right position in that system. We just want to put the team in the best situation to compliment one another.”


    Coach Mark Krikorian

    Has the preseason gone by quickly so far?

    “It is hard to believe we are about a week away from getting in to game competition. I can’t complain in any fashion about the effort the players have put in and the energy they have displayed. Hopefully we will be prepared for game one but it is more important that we go out each and every game and represent ourselves well.


    Collette Swensen

    On the defense’s progression

    “The defense is the foundation of what we want to do. Since we have a game against a very good Tennessee team coming up I think it is good we worked on that a lot today. Today was a good day all around. I feel good about the work we have put in so far.”


    Mami Yamaguchi

    On how her first two weeks of practice have been

    “It has been very hard but so good. Team chemistry is so good right now. I think we just need to continue to work on our communication but my teammates have been great. We are prepared to compete Friday night.”


    Mami Yamaguchi

    On her first visit to Tennessee

    “I have never been to Tennessee and I am so excited to go on this trip. I am looking forward to playing a team as good as the University of Tennessee. I am trying to control my excitement. I don’t know what to expect. We know how good they are but we are up to the challenge.”


    Sarah Wagenfuhr

    On her first two weeks of college soccer

    “The preseason has been excellent. It is hard work but it has been a ton of fun. I have loved it so far. Defensively we have room for improvement but we are coming together as a group. We are starting to understand how each other plays and how the coaching staff wants us to play as well. When we communicate I think we play very well.”


    Teresa Rivera

    On where this team is at two weeks into preseason compared to previous seasons

    “I think we are at a very good point. After tonight’s scrimmage, I feel very good. I think we have come further in two weeks than we have in any other year but we probably had further to go this year. We have come a long way and I will be excited to see how we fare against a great team like Tennessee.”


    Teresa Rivera

    On how the integration of the new players and team chemistry is developing

    “It is going better than expected. I am not surprised because we have a great group of girls. They are willing to get along and I think that open-mindedness goes along way and helps with the team chemistry.”

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