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Setting Picks With Men’s Basketball Senior Nate Moran

Nov. 8, 2002

Senior Nate Moran enters his third year as a walk-on member of the Florida State men’s basketball team. During his two-year career as a member of the Seminoles’ basketball team, Nate played in six games, four of them as a junior in the 2001-2002 season. Moran joined the team after being selected by the coaching staff during a campus-wide tryout in October 2000. He has been a valuable bench contributor adding intensity and spark on both the offensive and defensive ends. Nate recently sat down with to discuss some of his goals for the upcoming season, what he likes most about being a student-athlete and who has had the greatest influence on him during his life.

Going Into Your Senior Season, What Are You Most Looking Forward To?
“Entering my senior season, the number one thing I am looking forward to is having a successful season as a team. We are all going to work to have a winning season – that is our priority and our main goal.”

Do You Think Having The Increased Accessibility To The New Florida State Basketball Training Facility Has Helped You Improve Your Game?
“The new facility has allowed me to become a better player in many different ways. Our training program began with an increased emphasis on our weight training and conditioning. The weight training is much more concentrated than it has been in the past and I feel like I am able to get much more done each time I am in the weight room. Coach Mike Bradley has designed a program for each of the players on the team that allows us to get one-on-one training, which has been extremely helpful in our increased development. Because it is a basketball only facility, we can work on our games whenever we want to day or night. There are two courts, which allow more people to shoot at any given time thus allowing for more work on our individual game skills. To put it simply, it is a well-built and well-thought out building that we as players appreciate very much.”

What Are Your Individual Goals As You Begin The 2002-2003 Season?
“My top priority is doing whatever I can do to help our team win basketball games. I am looking forward to doing whatever the coaches ask me to do to help us be successful. If that’s bringing enthusiasm to practice each day or working harder in practice, those are the things I am prepared to do. I am going to continue to play hard all the time, play tenacious defense and do anything to help us win.”

What Made You Decide To Come To Florida State And Join The Basketball Team?
“I have loved the game of basketball since I was five or six years old. I always dreamed about playing college basketball and that dream became a reality when I made the team here at Florida State after a campus-wide tryout. My family moved to Miami right after high school and I decided to attend Florida State as a student. I decided I wanted to tryout and I was fortunate to be added to the roster. Being a part of the team during my career has been an unbelievable experience and one I will never forget.”

What Do You Like Most About Being A Student-Athlete?
“The best part about being a student-athlete at Florida State is being able to play the game I love and being able to stay in shape on a constant basis. I also enjoy combining my efforts to be successful as both a student and an athlete, which is something I know will help me down the road when my collegiate career is over.”

Who Would Your Credit With Being Your Greatest Influence And Why?
“My biggest influence during my basketball career has been my father. He was the person who introduced me to the game and taught me the basics of playing the game. It was great to learn the game from my dad, which just made me look up to him even more as not only my father, but a friend and a person who has influenced my life.”

This Being Your Final Collegiate Season, Do You Foresee Doing Anything Differently From Previous Years?
“As a senior, I am trying to take on an expanded role as a leader with my teammates. I have done everything in my power to help my teammates in practice by always being positive and always working hard. It is great to be able to step on the court every day and help us continue to grow and learn as a basketball team. I am very proud to be a senior member of this team under Coach Hamilton because I feel this season is going to be the start of something great for Florida State basketball.”

What Do You Plan To Do After You Earn Your Degree?
“I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do after I earn my degree from Florida State in April. I have thought about going to Seminary School to study theology. I know that I am going to do whatever God has in his plans for me and that I am going to take life one day at a time.”

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Moment At Florida State?
“The most memorable moment I have experienced as a member of the Florida State men’s basketball team is definitely our victory over No. 1 ranked Duke last season. It was an amazing night to be a member of this program. That night will stick in my mind forever. It was a great night for everyone involved and I was happy to have shared the victory with my teammates, coaches and friends.”

How Has The New Coaching Staff Helped You Improve Your Game?
“The new coaching staff has helped me improve my game in so many different ways and the regular season hasn’t even begun yet. They are great teachers and have a tremendous ability to teach not only the fundamentals of the game of basketball, but also the way the game should be played in order to be successful. They have helped my game both offensively and defensively and I know that I improve as a player each day in practice.”

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