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Shannon Q&A: ‘A Minor Setback for a Major Comeback’

Nov. 9, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Seven games into what would turn out to be a championship year for the Florida State men’s basketball team, junior Terrence Shannon went down with a season-ending shoulder injury. Unfortunately for the FSU big man, such a setback was nothing new.

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After a torn ACL knee prevented him from playing his senior year of high school, Shannon missed time during both his freshman and sophomore years at FSU due to more injuries. And then came last year when a torn labrum in his left shoulder prevented him from contributing to one of the greatest seasons in program history.

But Shannon’s not making excuses and letting the the past slow down his future. Now healthy after a diligent rehabilitation routine, Shannon’s ready to help defend the Seminoles’ conference title while doing his part to assist the ‘Noles in their chase for another as the 2012-13 season gets started tonight. What did you have to do from the time you were injured until now to be able to play this season as a redshirt junior?

Shannon: Honestly coming back from that injury was really devastating. I felt like I had a lot to offer last year with the team we had; we were so talented. It was frustrating going down, but at the same time I couldn’t let it affect me mentally so I just did everything I could from a coach’s perspective and definitely learned a lot. Finding ways to help the bigs — Bernard [James], Xavier [Gibson], Jon [Kreft], Okaro [White]. I think that helped me as well as far as IQ for this season and now we’re younger. What was the rehabilitation process like?

Shannon: It was intense. I was with Jerry [Latimer] constantly working on range of motion stuff everyday and it helped a lot just taking it slow not rushing things and once I got back weight-wise, my strength came back pretty easily. What did you do when the doctors cleared you to play for this season?

Shannon: I called my mom right away and I told her I won’t be able to come home for the summer because the whole time I would be working two times a day and sometimes three times a day just to get in shape, work on my jump shots, everything that I once had that I lost I just had to work to get it back. I was here all summer. I didn’t go home at all. Do you feel as good as you did last year before the injury?

Shannon: Most certainly I feel better. Every injury I’ve had has been a setback, but when I come back I come back better and I think as far as skill-wise I’m the best I’ve ever been so that’s the positive coming out of it. Coming from injuries you’ve just got to put more time and effort into what you do and I’ve done that and it’s paying off so I’ve just got to keep doing the same thing everyday and take it one day at a time. Can what you learned last year from the bench help you with teaching all of the new young guys that are on the team this season?

Shannon: It definitely can. It helps a lot coming into this season when we’ve got six or seven younger guys coming in so that’s been good to use what I have learned and show them the way. Do you think the things that the setbacks you’ve experienced have made you stronger?

Now-healthy Terrance Shannon is looking for a fresh start with a new jersey number.

Shannon: I look at it as having a minor setback for a major comeback, honestly.  It made me stronger, just growing pains, but I feel like a lot of successful people in life have a story to tell so maybe one day when I’m where I want to be I can look back on this as motivation — something that has helped me along the way. Looking at this year’s team, how difficult is it to replace the seniors and what have you seen from the young guys who are being asked to play important roles for a team defending its league title?

Shannon: I mean it’s tough losing all six of those guys; they were very talented guys and I miss them. But the incoming guys are pretty good. We’ve just got to keep grooming them so they know everything and make sure they have their principles down. I think we need to put more emphasis on that since we are a young team early like after practices each going over extra things with them. What has the support from the Seminole Boosters been like for you and your teammates?

Shannon: Honestly the support is really great. Freshman year until now it gets better every year. I honestly thank the Boosters a lot for everything they do for the community, our program and for Florida State in general. From donations to just being at the games they could be doing anything else they want but they take time out to come to our games and I want each and every one of them to know it means a lot.  I’m grateful for that and not only do I play for my family and Florida State, I’m playing for them.

Florida State will unveil its ACC Championship banner at tonight’s 7 p.m. game against South Alabama. For single-game and season tickets, visit the online ticket office or call 1-888-FSU-NOLE.

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