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SOCCER’S BACK! Seminole Soccer Opens Preseason With First Two-A-Day Practice

Aug. 10, 2005

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    The 2005 FSU soccer season got underway at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. The full 2005 team met for the first time ever on the field with new head coach Mark Krikorian. The day started with fitness testing and some drills as everyone got accustomed to the new coaching staff and one another. With nine new faces on this year’s team it will take a little while for everyone to get to know each another but by the afternoon session the nicknames were already in full force as the squad was forced to get to know their team mates rather quickly as the team scrimmaged for 50 minutes. Highlights from day one are down below as well as quotes from coach Krikorian and selected players.

    The team looked great in the morning fitness session. This is the first season that anyone on the 2005 team hasn’t started preseason with the Cooper Test at 6:00 a.m. but the coaching staff got a good look at the team’s fitness level right off the bat. Under perfect Florida skies and high heat and humidity, the team was put through the paces for about 30 minutes. India Trotter and newcomer Sarah Wagenfuhr each had the best showing in their respective groups. Libby Gianeskis, Melissa Samokishyn, Mami Yamaguchi, Toby Ranck and Kelly Rowland were just a few of the players who turned in impressive performances.

    After the fitness session, the team took to the field for an hour of technical training. They spent the rest of the morning working with the ball at their feet. The drills stressed footwork and passing. After a cool down, the team was off until the 5:00 p.m. session, which featured a full11-v-11 scrimmage.

    United States U-17 National Team head coach Erica Walsh got the best of veteran Mick Statham in the first scrimmage of the 2005 season. Walsh’s side took game one 1-0 on a goal by freshman sensation Mami Yamaguchi. The two assistants ran the scrimmage as head coach Mark Krikorian started the process of evaluating who will take the field when FSU opens its season August 26th in Los Angeles, CA versus No. 18 USC. Some of the highlights of the scrimmage are listed below:


    • The period was played mostly in assistant coach Mick Statham’s half of the field as Erica Walsh’s group had Statham’s defense under constant pressure while her back four was rarely challenged.
    • Mami Yamaguchi got off to a good start and showed the form that made her a Japanese National team player early on. The freshman hit the post on a nice half-volley on a cleared corner kick that was played back in to the top of the 18.
    • All-American candidate India Trotter made a great run up the flank and fed transfer Cici Shell a beautiful ball but the play was whistled dead due to an off sides call.
    • Mami may have hit the post earlier but she found the back of the net later in the first period. She picked up the ball about 25 yards from goal and dribbled two defenders. She then beat a diving keeper with a low shot to the back post.


    • Statham’s group continued to capitalize on the momentum they started to build at the end of the first period and began to put some nice sequences together. A few resulted in quality scoring chances.
    • Junior Toby Ranck, who played for Statham in Pennsylvania but was on the opposite side Wednesday, made a good run down the middle of the pitch and found Mami down the wing. The shot was sent high and to the back post where Ali Mims was forced to make a great save. The redshirt junior proved she was up to the task as she continues to return to form after more than 20 surgical procedures on her leg.
    • India had a dangerous opportunity as she got in against the defense looking to even the game up. The junior made a reverse pass to the back post but the shot hit off the post keeping the score 1-0.
    • Newcomer Sarah Wagenfuhr had a strong game in the back alongside Kelly Rowland. Rowland, a returning All-American, has played next to Katie Beal her whole career but at least for one day, she and Wagenfuhr seemed like they had been together for more than a day.


    Mark Krikorian
    Thoughts on day one
    “For the first day it was pretty good. There is a lot of anxiety that goes with day one. We did a physical conditioning test this morning and then the players had their first opportunity to really compete against one another this evening. On the whole the players passed the test, we have a good foundation and now there is a starting point. I am looking forward to the rest of preseason.”

    Mark Krikorian
    On the atmosphere at practice especially with the new coaching staff and so many new players
    “I think we will have a nice atmosphere this year. We have good kids and a staff that will be positive and player friendly. I am not concerned about any problems with team dynamics. Over the course of time as we all get to know each other, we will develop great relationships and the players will feel more comfortable with us as we will with them.”

    Mark Krikorian
    His thoughts on the team’s fitness level
    “It was OK. It was the first time this group has done this particular test (Beep Test). I guess it is really just a foundation for us to test in the future and see where the level of fitness is next time. Is the training we are doing between now and then increasing our level of fitness? The players did well.”

    Mark Krikorian
    His thoughts on the scrimmage
    “It was a good starting point. I saw some talent on the field which is the most essential thing. So much change has gone on here that it is going to take an awful lot of teaching and learning with so many new faces on the team and staff. If we as a staff are reasonably good teachers and they are reasonably good students, then we have a chance to be really successful. We have some good pieces here. As we grow together we can become a pretty good team.”

    Team Captain Kelly Rowland
    On the first day of preseason
    “I thought it was a good effort. My team won the scrimmage so that is always nice. It was great. There was some fatigue from the fitness test this morning but overall it got all the jitters out and knocked the rust off. I feel good about where we are starting.”

    Alli Ferreri
    On how different her fourth first day was from the previous three
    “It is like we are all starting on even ground. We are all coming in like freshmen in a sense because nobody knows what to expect from a new coaching staff. It was exciting. Those first-year jitters were back for everyone. Everything was new. It was refreshing for the team. I think it gave us a new spark.”

    Teresa Rivera
    On the morning session
    “It was very good. I thought there was a high energy level. The intensity was there. I think we were all excited to finally see this team on the field together. We actually looked like a team so that was nice for day one. So many people came in not knowing what to expect. I think that led to everyone coming out strong and bringing a lot of energy to the scrimmage especially. It was a very good start.”

    India Trotter
    On working with new people in the scrimmage
    “It was definitely different but in a good way. It is great to see other people’s styles of play especially the new players from other countries. It is going to take some getting used to but once we do it is going to be a great experience. I felt very good about the level of play today. I am really excited.”

    Sarah Wagenfuhr
    On the first day with FSU soccer
    “At first I was a little nervous but once we got started it was really good. All the girls were really encouraging especially during fitness so that made me feel better. It was very exciting to finally get to Tallahassee, put on the practice gear and step out on the field.”

    Sarah Wagenfuhr
    On her performance in the beep test
    “I worked hard all summer on fitness. I wanted to come in here and wanted to start to prove myself from day one so I could fight for a starting spot. I knew that would take a lot of work over the summer.”

    Paige Murray
    On the first day with FSU soccer
    “It was exciting and intense. It was definitely more than I expected. It was a great first day. It was exhilarating to finally get on campus. I have been ready to come for what seems like such a long time. I am here now and feel good after getting over the nerves a little bit.”

    Paige Murray
    On her performance in fitness
    “Fitness was pretty good. I probably ended up somewhere in the middle of the pack. I obviously would like to keep improving in that area but it went pretty well for the first day. It wasn’t too bad.”

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