September 4, 2020

SodTalk Moves Online For the 2020 Football Season

Tallahassee, FLA. – Florida State’s game day SodTalk tradition is back in 2020 in a new virtual environment. Working with Seminole Productions, Sod Talk will be released online each Thursday before a home game and will continue to feature the greatest names in FSU history in an exciting new format.

“We are thrilled to be working with Seminole Productions and are proud of the updated version of SodTalk we have developed. This new collaboration will keep this fan-favorite tradition alive but also safe for everyone to enjoy,” said Doug Mannheimer, in his 32nd season as keeper of the Sod Cemetery.

As has been the case in the past, SodTalk will once again feature some of the most legendary names in FSU football history. This season Charlie Ward, Warrick Dunn, Corey Simon, Bobby Bowden Kez McCorvey, Matt Frier and Ron Sellers are some of the special guests who will be highlighted.

“On top of talking to the legends of FSU football, I am excited about the format we are going to be presenting fans this year. Although we will greatly miss the in-person nature of SodTalk, taking the experience online will allow us to provide things to our fans we have never been able to do before onsite.”

SodTalk will be released each week before home games on

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