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Soft Spoken Trinetta Moore Makes Noise On The Court For FSU

Feb. 9, 2004

Trinetta Moore went 10-for-12 for a team-high 20 points with four rebounds at No. 10 North Carolina and muscled her way to 15 points and five rebounds in the victory over No. 2 Duke – arguably the most physical teams in the ACC and perhaps the country. In each game, Moore wasn’t about to let anyone push her around and that was made quite clear. It may be hard to believe that someone who can be so ferocious on the court actually wants to teach special education children and eventually run her own child care center when her playing career is over. Those who know her, however, aren’t surprised at all. There’s definitely a softer, gentler side to Trinetta, who when she’s not on the basketball court, can be very soft spoken, even quiet at times.

“I’m really nice at heart,” Moore said with a giggle. “I do have a soft voice and everything, but when I get mad, it comes out. So when I play against other people, they make me mad and I get really physical.”

The mother of two young sons, seven-year-old Isaiah and Dante, who will be four in March, Moore’s love for her children is apparent, not only when she is around them, but even when she is talking to them on the phone. And her face lights up with great pride when she speaks of them.

“I just love them,” Moore said. “They are my joy. They are who keep me going everyday. I need to talk to them everyday because if I don’t, I just feel sad. It’s hard being away from them, but I know that in time, I will be seeing them and taking care of them. I just love them to death. When our games are on TV, they are just glued to the set. They love seeing me on TV, and they know everybody on the team and just cheer for us. Just to know that I have two little ones out there who are mine, it’s just a joy.”

Being a mother, Moore’s responsibilities go well beyond that of the average college student. She has been blessed, however, with a loving and supportive family. While the boys stay with Trinetta during summers, they live in Atlanta with their grandmother during the school year. Still, she sees them as often as she can. Trinetta’s mother agreed to help raise the children as long as she was working to better herself and to ensure a solid future for herself and her family. Trinetta has done just that. She earned a bachelor’s degree in social sciences in August. Graduation day was pretty special for the entire family.

“The people that I really love were there,” Moore said. “They came and they watched. The coaching staff was there and I walked with Lauren (Bradley) which was great. It was so special. I couldn’t believe that I was actually there, graduating and walking across the stage and getting my degree. I never thought that I was going to get there, because I had so many obstacles along the way. But nothing stopped me. I just kept going.”

Playing basketball at Florida State has meant great things for Trinetta. Aside from earning her degree, the experience has helped to mold her into a fine young woman. The lessons Trinetta has learned from balancing school, basketball and her responsibilities at home, are immeasurable.

“Being part of this program has taught me to be more responsible which is going to help me in my journey with my kids,” Moore said. “I had a role here and after this, my main role will be being a mother. Being a team captain last year, I knew people looked up to me and I had to lead them and I feel like that is going to help me in the long run.”

With just months remaining in her collegiate career, Moore realizes that a new chapter in her life is about to begin. She will leave Florida State with fond memories — ones she will not soon forget.

“I wouldn’t change a thing for the world,” Moore said. “I love this team and I love this school. When I first came here, I knew I was going to like it. Through everything, everyone has stuck by me. I have just loved it here. My experience has been great.”

At Florida State, Moore will be remembered not for raising her voice, but for raising the level of her own game and that of Seminole women’s basketball.

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