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Greta Gelumbickas

Greta Gelumbickas - Volleyball - Florida State Seminoles

Player profile

(Updated July 2022)

Before Florida State:

Spent the last few years playing at Boca Raton High School … recorded 94 kills and averaged 0.8 blocks per set as a senior … helped her high school squad to the 7A FHSAA Volleyball Tournament as a senior … she gives the FSU coaching staff another opportunity to work with a player with plenty of potential

QUOTE FROM COACH POOLE: “Greta has great physical potential and we are excited about helping her grow as a player. She is a young volleyball player in experience and we believe she can continue to improve as she plays with high level players.”


  • Birthday: May 28, 2004
  • Major: Undecided
  • Favorite Subject: Math
  • Dream Job/Career Goal: Work for the NFL
  • Hidden Talent: Can speak Lithuanian
  • Fun Fact about you: Lived in Connecticut for 15 years
  • Who inspires you? My dad
  • If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be? “Greta’s World”
  • Favorite sport besides volleyball: Basketball
  • Favorite restaurant in Tallahassee: Maple Street
  • Favorite music genre: Rap
  • Current favorite TV show/movie: Top Gun
  • Favorite food: Pasta
  • Favorite candy: Airhead Extreme
  • Favorite social media platform: Snapchat
  • What is one superpower you wish you had? To fly
  • What is your dream vacation? Greece
  • What is your favorite pair of shoes? Vans
  • Favorite emoji: 😍
  • Favorite animal: Dog
  • Spotify or Apple Music? Spotify
  • If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Buy an island