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Athletic Academic Support Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a question about my financial aid and housing. Where do I go?

A: Contact the Athletics Department Compliance Office or the Athletic Department representative in the Financial Aid Office.


Q: I have a block and cannot add/drop a class, what do I do?

A: Check your Blackboard account under Secure Apps to see your holds or contact your academic advisor in athletics for direction.


Q: How can I become involved with community service projects?

A: Contact the Athletic Student Services department.


Q: I would like some help deciding on a major. Where do I go?

A: If you are currently Exploratory or interested in seeing what majors might suit your interests. You have a few options, either the Athletic Academic Support (AAS) staff can help you; you can visit the Exploratory Office on campus, or use the Career Center.


Q: How can the AAS assist me in finding internships or employment?

A: The AAS offers a broad 4-year academic plan that prepares student-athletes for a successful career after graduation. The AAS also works very closely with the Athletic Student Services Department in aiding in the internship finding process.


Q: I am in my final semester and will drop below 12 credits. What do I do?

A: Please see your Athletic Academic Advisor and ensure that you have the appropriate documentation from your major college.


Q: I am having trouble in my classes. How can the AAS help me?

A: The AAS offers a comprehensive service for all student-athletes. This service is offered every semester to enable student-athletes to excel both in the classroom and in competition. If you would like to request a tutor please contact your Athletic Academic Advisor.