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Postgame Quotes

June 18, 1999

Stanford head coach Mark Marquess

(On the game) I thought it was a fantastic game. My hat is off to Florida State. They were down two runs in the ninth and came back with the home run. I have to tip my hat to them. I am very proud of our team. We did come back and try to win it. It was a great year. As I said in the pre-tournament press conference, I think this is our best team as far as chemistry. Not talent wise, but the chemistry. I thought we played well today. I was sorry to end it. We wanted a chance to play tomorrow in the championship game. I thought it was a great college baseball game.”

(On how long he was going to go with Tony Cogan in Relief) Tony has been so key for us all year. He had gotten up there in his pitch count and I think he was getting a little tired. Tony’s been fantastic for us all year. I was going to stay with him. If it had gone another inning, I maybe would have changed pitchers.

(on the momentum shifts in the game) I thought the demeanor in or dugout was good. FSU did a great job. They didn’t just do it once. They had some huge swings. That’s what makes it a great game.

(on the wind blowing out) It always plays a factor. It’s part of the game. Every ballpark has that. There were some balls hit earlier in the week that stayed in the park earlier in the week due to the wind. It’s part of the game and you just adjust.

(On Jason Young’s performance) We are definitely concerned about pitch counts. But at this point in the postseason, this is the only time we’re going to extend him. I asked him how he felt and he siad he was fine. I thought he had a better fastball in the eighth and ninth innings than the fifth through the seventh. We were concerned (about his pitch count) and watching him, but he said he felt strong. It was a gutsy performance by him. He was throwing a some kind of fastball in the eighth and ninth innings.

Stanford First Baseman John Gall

(On the swing of emotions) We were definitely on a high in the seventh inning. I don’t think we looked past the next out. We knew we had to get back out there. We wanted to get the last out with the lead and that just didn’t happen.”

Stanford Center Fielder Edmund Muth

(On the swing of emotions) That seventh inning was fun, but we knew we had a job to do. Florida State is a good team. We just couldn’t do it today.

Stanford third baseman Josh Hochgesang

(On the swing of emotions) After we took the lead with Tony on the mound, I thought we had a chance to win it. They continually took it to us and that’s what it was going to take to beat us today.”

Stanford Starting Pitcher Jason Young

(On his pitching performance early vs. late in the game) I’m not sure why I was having a hard time early. I don’t think I was in my groove early. I’m not sure what got me into it. I got my groove and established my location. The seventh, eighth and ninth innings was just guts. I expected to finish the game, but couldn’t. I have to tip my hat to Florida State.

Florida State head coach Mike Martin

(On the game) Ho hum. Just another day at the yard. That’s one that I wish the whole city of Omaha could’ve been here to see because that’s college baseball. I’m so proud of every member of our baseball team. A lot of things excite coaches, but when a freshman steps up, that’s really exciting. It’s a crying shame that there weren’t 26,000 people here to see this one.

(On playing Miami in championship game) Miami is having a tremendous year. I’m going to sleep well tonight. We’ll be on time tomorrow and fight for 27 outs.

(On playing against Miami coach Jim Morris) Willie and I go back a long way. He was my first assistant in 1980. You’re not going to surprise him with anything. To take a team to the College World Series six straight times is unbelievable, and to play for national championship twice in six years is a great accomplishment.

(Pitching plans for championship) It’s going to be a piecemeal situation. I’m not going to sit there and worry about our arms. We’ll show up and hope the wind’s blowing out.

Florida State Outfielder Karl Jernigan

(On game-winning home run) All I was trying to do was get the ball in the outfield. I wasn’t even thinking about hitting a home run. This was a total team effort.

Florida State second baseman Sam Scott

(On falling behind by five runs) Even when we were down, we told ourselves we weren’t going to lose. With a little help from Mother Nature, me and Marshall (McDougall) were able to get it out.

Florida State First Baseman Ryan Barthelemy

(On playing Miami in championship game) It’s going to be quite a game. We want to play UM, they’ve beaten us five out of six this year. We’re excited and ready to play. Today took a lot out of us, but we’ve proven we can win.”

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